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Originally Posted by shadownet View Post
How smart are Bengals? If you could give examples, I would appreciate it.

How agile are they? How high can they jump, what distance, ect.

And is any of this effected by the "F numbers" or however you would say that?
They're very smart usualy, good at outwitting you and finding the loophole in everything you try to teach them. I.e aha I'm not allowed on the counter when you can see me! also good at finding ways of getting your attention, be it throwing little things off shelves, pulling clothes down, banging on loose doors to use them as a drum, licking your face, poking you in the face with ever increasing claws if you don't respond. Figuring out exactly the one thing you don't want them to do and then do it so you won't ignore them and the attention they want is usually for more play. It goes on. For example she has a period when she'd unplug my laptop if she thought I was spending too much time on the computer.

Very athletic, Nikita usually jumps around 4' in the air, up to around 5' sometimes. She also jumps on top of doors and really liks high places. Putting something high up to keep them away from it is not going to work.

Normal SBT Bengals are too high maintenance for a lot of people, they have too much drive and energy and really even having done research before most people who get them end up being somewhat surprised by these cats.

That is magnified tenfold with the early generation cats and then you can have the added problems of the cat maybe not wanting to be petted when they grow up, really bad at handling any change for example if you move or have a baby, sometimes needing to eat a specially prepared diet of raw meat and offal, not great litterbox habits i.e wanting to go in water etc.

This all depends on the individual cat of course I'm more talking general trends.
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Here's a great description of Bengals:


NB: This is about standard bengals, i.e F4 or less % wild blood than that.
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I pretty much laughed through all of that.
My cat was born from a wild cat, and she was born in the
wild. She acts a lot like that. Doritos are her favorite.
Sometimes when I walked in the kitchen it looked like the
bag exploded.

I like what I hear. I love the energy they seem to have,
and they look like fun.
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My girlfriend said she wants to know more about Savannah cats.
She likes Bengals and Savannahs, and I know nothing about them.

Someone said they're expensive.
Can I get a link to a good site and some info?
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I know a lot more about Bengals than Savannahs since I have a Bengal but have never seen a Savannah in real life.

Here's a good article on the early generation Savannahs: http://www.nitewindes.com/earlygen.html

And this one here is about Bengals and Savannahs and compares the two:

Since the Savannahs are such a new breed there is a lot of variation in the later generation ones. I.e they don't really have a consistent look yet although the breeders are working on it all the time.

Here's a really pretty pet Savannah I know of: http://www.flickr.com/photos/realphotoshop/121562150/

I know he has to be confined to a special room when unsupervised or he'll wreck the place. I think he's an F3 or an F4.

This girl here is an F3 Savannah as well: http://www.heavenlyspottedcats.com/lil/lil2.jpg The look really can vary quite a lot.

As a contrast here's a really high quality SBT Bengal. He's a famous show cat that was recently sold for a lot of money (if I remember correctly)

Back to the Savannahs here's a page with some info and quite a few photos of the early generation cats: http://lynxoticatz.tripod.com/Savannah.htm

Forgot about Savannah prices, they depend on the breeder and the cat but roughly it's usually something alone the lines of:

Savannah Males
F2 $2500 - $4000
F3 $1500 - $3000
F4 $900 - $2000

Savannah Females
F2 $3500 - $5000
F3 $1500 - $3500
F4 $900 - $3500

Post F4 the price probably evens out at similar to SBT Bengal prices i.e 600-1000$ for pets. Breeding cats are usually atleast double that and great show potential cats can be as well. Often though you get show quality kittens sold as pets.
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What is the difference in the sizes with F1 and F4?
Also, that price isn't horrible, is it? My girlfriend bought
her puppy for $1000, so that doesn't seem bad.
Thanks for all your help, I really apreciate it.

Is a female or male better? I mean with their attitudes.
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Have you read through the pages I linked to? To quote directly from one of them

"At this stage in the development of the Savannah, it is impossible to predict future behavior in a young kitten, and how big each kitten will get. We can only speculate. If I must generalize about the breed... The F1 and F2 males have the potential to be very large cats and look rather wild, and the size is usually lost with later generations. However, some of the behavior traits that some people do not want are also usually lost. How big will the other generations get? Nobody knows for sure. (My mom couldn't tell you how big I was going to get either) I've seen various sizes in one litter. The breed is still in its infancy and one day we hope to be able to generalize with more accuracy."

I.e you can't really predict it but mostly the F4 and later are normal cat sized. Still I really strongly recommend against you getting an F1 or F2 Savannah. Get an SBT Bengal or a later generation Savannah first and get to know their type and personality.

Like I've said before even the "easy" SBT Bengals and the later generation Savannahs are quite a handful and plenty of people can't cope with their temprament.

Edit: Male or female? I don't know. It depends on the cat. The males are usually bigger and often a bit more naughty while the girls can be more territorial, especially when it comes to other cats but that's common with all cats.
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I was at someone else's house when I checked it, so I
looked over it, but I didn't read it. Sorry about that.

So, an F4 is like a normal size cat. Are F3's just unpredictable
when it comes to size and temperament? I kind of wanted something
bigger, but a normal size would be fine.

I saw a video of a Savannah jumping seven feet in the air.
Does what generation they are effect their athletic capabilities?
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Please read carefully through all the articles I linked in the earlier post before you ask any more questions. There's a lot of good information there.

Yes of course a bigger cat will be able to jump higher, that's just common sense. All the Savannahs are rather unpredictable at the moment. It's a new breed and the proper consistency you get within breeds hasn't been established yet. I mean it's getting better all the time and the breeders are working hard but it's still a new breed with a lot of variation between cats.

The Savannah jumping 7' on youtube is an F1 cat.

Also the thing about the early generation cats is that they grow up. See most domestic animals are neonatized. I.e they keep lots of baby qualities into their adulthoods. This means they're more playful, adaptable to change, more trainable and usually cuddlier than they would be otherwise.

Wild animals are a lot more focused on survival than most domestic animals and when you breed a wild animal to a domestic one you loose out on some of the "eternal kitten" qualities. So those cats tend to change a lot more when they grow up than the type of cat you're used to.

Having a domestic cat that was born in the wild is not the same thing because genetically it's still a domestic cat.
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Alright, thanks for the information.

I know a bigger cat will jump higher.
I meant based on the size of the cat.
If a F1 cat can jump 5 times it's
height, can a later generation cat still
jump 5 times it's height? Or does the
genetics matter in that way?

Sorry, I'm not sure how to word it.

One more question and I promise I'll leave you alone.
Will the age effect how I can train them?
Does it get harder as they get older?
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With the jumping, I don't know. My hunch is that the early generation cats are probably 'better' jumpers even when their size is taken into account because they're such intense felines.

Still, how to put it, ok.. well here are a few pictures of my cat. An F10 or F12 Bengal (and the Savannahs tend to be a bit more into jumping than Bengals because of their heritage, i.e the Serval jumps high through tall grass to hunt)

Here she is on top of a door, she jumped there from the chair you can see:

I have just over 12' heigh ceilings where I live.

As for the ages, again I don't really know. I'd expect the later generation cats to be like normal cats when it comes to that. The earlier generation cats handle change very badly and overall aren't really very trainable at all. It's more about you changing your life to suit them. I.e if they have a tendency to use things you leave on the floor as a litterbox (which is fairly common). You'll just have to never leave anything on the floor, no bags, clothes or towels etc.
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wow u have a beautiful cat
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Can I get some info about Ocicats?
They look interesting, and I'm really trying to get
all the info I can about all the cats that look
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Originally Posted by shadownet View Post
I'm not rich, guys.
How much do you think a retired breeding Bengal would cost?
Or a early adult?

I'm also looking at Savannahs. I looked at Servals about a year ago.
I thought they were pretty. I also like their shape.
Any info about them?
This is what I was referring to.
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I meant Savannahs, Not Servals.
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I have Ocicats - what do you want to know about them? Charlie's a show cat Ocicat.
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How much do they usually cost?
I've only seen a price on one, and it was an adult.

How vocal are they? Will one talk to me a lot?

Are they super energetic? Do they bad about destroying
things in a house?

All the places I've seen said they're very loving.
Do they follow you, usually?
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Originally Posted by shadownet View Post
How much do they usually cost?
I've only seen a price on one, and it was an adult.

Most of the breeders I contacted when looking were running $600-800 for pets (kittens). You could get a retired breeding cat or show cat that is neutered/spayed first for about half of the cost.

How vocal are they? Will one talk to me a lot?

Most are fairly talkative as you have siamese/aby in the background. Charlie will answer you most times when you talk to him.

Are they super energetic? Do they bad about destroying
things in a house?

I had Cornish Rexes - Oci's are MORE active then rexes! They are smart cats but kinda stubbern at times, so you have to keep ahead of them with consistant disapline

All the places I've seen said they're very loving.
Do they follow you, usually?
I perfer males and find them more outgoing and tend to hang out with you more. They are not cuddle cats unless sleepy, but love to interact/play .
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I've seen a few trained ones.
They are easy to train, right?

I found a kitten for $550, and a retired breeder for $200.
The price isn't bad. My girlfriend cringed at the price but,
she paid $1000 for her little rat size, annoying dog, so
I don't think that's a bad price.

Would you suggest an older cat, or younger for
my first? I've never had a purebred before.
My girlfriend wants a kitten though.
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Well IMO I think I'd go for an older cat if you've never owned a kitten. They are more set and settled then kittens and if you've never owned a kitten, especially an active one, you might think "why did I EVER agree to this?"

As long as the adult is well socialized with people, you shouldn't have too much of a problem. Kittens are cute, but sometimes overwhelming in their activity. Its like getting a little baby - they WILL get into things, they WILL try to climb curtains - but this is normal stuff and you have to be prepared for it.

What breeders were you looking at? (you can send me a private message). There are not too many Oci breeders in the US, and I've probably checked most of them out
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My cat had a litter of kittens, and then she left. We had to hand feed
all of them. Then she had another litter, and left them too. I've
had a lot of experience with kittens. I think we had 2 litters at once.

I'll send that PM now.
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How much do they usually cost?
They cost more over here than in the US

How vocal are they? Will one talk to me a lot?
Mine talk alot, especially when I get home from work. They are at the door waiting and I hear them yelling from outside

Are they super energetic? Do they bad about destroying
things in a house?

Very energetic, Demetri is much happier now he has 2 other Oci's to play with. The other moggies in the house just weren't enough for him.They race around playing together and I also make sure to play with teasers at least twice a day.
Mine are excellent at night, they settle down well and sleep with me under the covers

I don't really have anything that they might destroy, they do get into everything though as they are very nosy.

All the places I've seen said they're very loving.
Do they follow you, usually?

My little girl follows me, and the other 2 follow her (just to be sure they aren't missing out on anything!)
They are all very loving, both with me and everyone they meet. My girl is more lap kitty than the boys.
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Just to answer on behalf of Abyssinians

How much do they usually cost?
About the same as Ocis

How vocal are they? Will one talk to me a lot?
Nope, not really, though you can hold a conversation if you want

Are they super energetic? Are they bad about destroying
things in a house?

Very energetic, athletic and love vertical challenges....see pic...where's the cat?

They haven't broken anything of great or sentimental value yet!

All the places I've seen said they're very loving.
Do they follow you, usually?

All my Abys follow me around, I am after all, their human. Very loving with their chosen human, so much so they can get jealous of each other!
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My girlfriend loves the way Abys look.
I like it too, but I'm still not sure.
I like all I've heard about Ocicats so far,
so I'm learning a lot about them at the
moment, then passing the info to my girlfriend.
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There are non-spotted Oci's. They just can't be shown. You can get Oci's that look like Abys (ticked) or Lynx Points (ghost Oci's) or the Classic Tabby patterns.

So if you like Oci's and gf likes Abys - you could get a ticked Oci that looks like an Aby and have the best of both breeds
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My suggestion would be for you AND your gf to attend a few shows, meet the cats for real. I think to meet all three breeds you'd have to attend a TICA show since Bengals are "feline non grata" with CFA. By going to the shows you can make a firm decision and work from there...
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I would always recommend a rescued adult cat from your local sanctuary, humane society, AC&C, or "the street" no matter what "breed", size, or look; millions of sweet, loving, healthy and beautiful cats lose their lives annually here in the u.s. alone because there are not enough loving, forever homes for them. Until the shelters are empty, I would never adopt anyone but a rescue. Hope you'll think about this seriously -- as ALL cats are gorgeous and ANY cat will be loving and loyal, given half a chance!
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Tara, I have owned strays and mixed breeds from shelters and even have one of our last barn cats...........along with purebreds too. There is a place for both and I see nothing wrong with people who want a purebred, a mixed breed or both
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I've had all mixed. I've always found them, or my cat had kittens.

I just wanted something different this time.
I see nothing wrong with that. Although, I do
wish more of those cats would get homes.
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yep their is nothing wrong with wanting a purebred cat

I will have a few purebreds one day also

and like you i love the large big boned breeds best of all! Big boned muscular cats are by far the most beautiful of all cats and many people envy them!

Ive been to a few cat shows and Nothing stands out like a large male bengal or pixie bob such a beautiful site! All eyes on them from all over the room! Some of them will really make ur jaw drop

But if you dont want the energy but u want a nice big solid cat look into british shorthairs, i went to a show recently and was shocked at how big they were! Very big strong powerful cat but very very laid back

Pixie bob is another big muscular cat that is also low energy and laid back look into these breeds if you dont want the high intense energy
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