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So Scary!

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Last night my daughter burned the soup, so she opened a window on the main floor to air out the place a little. There is a screen on the window. Javier was cuddling on her lap, and then all of a sudden jumped up and leaped towards the window. He got all puffed up and started hissing really loud with his nose against the screen. There was a huge racoon on the porch with his face pressed up against the window. I had a car bench on the porch because we used the van to haul something and I hadn't put it back yet. He was sitting on the car bench, with his nose a few inches from where the screen started and where Javie was. My daughter ran over and slammed the window shut before she freaked out. (Most cats would probably run away, but not Javie who ran towards it. I think he must have been a Samurai warrier in another life!)

This is so weird because it was only 7 at night. And there were cars on the street and stuff going on. And we live in a very busy residential neighborhood in Seattle. I know they are around late at night, but not close enough to
sit on a car bench on my front porch and look in the window. Either he liked the smell of burned split pea soup or he wanted to eat Javier.

Isn't that creepy???
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I live in a rural area, where raccoons do live, yet have never seen one.
I bet you have neighbors that put out food for cats and dogs, or don't have their trash cans properly secured.

You cat was just doing what he thought was best, attempting to protect his territory against an intruder.

Note to anyone else reading: Do not feed wild life, it can be very dangerous to yourself, your pets, or neighbors pets.
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Very scary indeed! In my part of the woods, raccoons carry rabies. So do possums. I do not like to see those kinds of animals up close and personal, especially not around my house, my family or my pets.
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They live around, though. We're kind of moving into their habitats. Best is to let them be--they'll avoid houses and people naturally.
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Originally Posted by Callista View Post
... they'll avoid houses and people naturally.
Unless they are sick or injured, which may cause them to behave abnormally - and if they are acting abnormally, consider them to be dangerous.
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Is coming up to a porch and sticking a face in a window considered abnormal? I wonder if there is anything to do to keep them away. Is there such thing as a racoon repellent?
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The raccoons at my parents' old house were very bold. My folks had doggie doors--one to the garage from the outside, and one from the house to the garage. The raccoons literally came into the house and into the laundry room where my brother's pet rabbit was (the door to the rest of the house was closed). The rabbit ended up with a gash in his side, but he survived. Another time, the raccoon came into the garage and jumped up on the workbench to eat the cat food. We were alerted to this when the dog began barking like crazy. The raccoon showed no fear of the log whatsoever (a few years later, our poor dog was even bitten by one of the raccoons in our backyard)--he just looked at us and slowly waddled off the workbench and back to the doggie door.

There are some raccoon repellent sprays (just google "raccoon repellent"), though I don't know how effective they are.
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Alright thats creepy! But hey, Your cat stuck up for you!! Thats neat!

Glitch's Earth Mommy


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The only wild animals to come around my house are native birds. Years ago when I had a persian male he was too scared to leave the back steps to go into the garden. When I went to investigate the were about 20 or so minor birds sitting on the fence, garage roof & clothes line watching him.
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Originally Posted by Kiva13 View Post
Is coming up to a porch and sticking a face in a window considered abnormal? I wonder if there is anything to do to keep them away. Is there such thing as a racoon repellent?
I would say that for a raccon to come up on your porch in a well-populated, busy residential neighborhood is indeed abnormal behavior. I would suggest that you call your local animal control and see what they suggest.
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Thanks. I'm going out of town, but I think I will call animal control when I get back and see what they think. Rabies !! Yikes.
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