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Kitties Switching Personalities?!

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So I have two cats. See sig. The weirdest thing has happened over the last few months--and if you look at it from the surface, it seems like they've actually switched personalities! At first, Tiny was terrorizing Baby... now Baby's overwhelming him by sheer force of personality.

When I first got Baby, I'd had Tiny for about a month. He was a stray and had always been shy; but he'd become comfortable here. When Baby came, she was anemic from fleas, tired, and skinny; and Tiny, who wanted to play, terrorized her horribly!

It took several months, but Baby came out of her shell. I remember the day Baby first played with a bit of paper--I was so proud of her! Now she chases and swats Tiny right back. They don't cuddle yet, but that's OK.

Nowadays Baby is the dominant cat in the house. She's into everything; her fast paws get her into cupboards and everything in the house simply must be investigated and manipulated for every possible use. It used to be that Tiny was the only one who'd chase a wand toy; now it's Baby who takes over the play, and Tiny who watches warily from under a chair. Baby, who used to be scared to do anything but hide, now demands my lap and my attention, though Tiny still comes by for his midnight snuggle just after I go to bed.

Seeing Baby Girl blossom from a neglected waif to this confident, mischievous alpha has been amazing--but now her personality is completely overwhelming Tiny's! What makes it worse is that I've had to medicate Tiny for an ear infection, which makes it harder for him to trust me.

I want to make sure Tiny isn't left out. He deserves attention, too; but he's such a dignified creature, and so used to fending for himself (he must have been a stray for quite a while) that he's habitually wary.

How do I make sure Tiny is happy--even when Baby's demanding to be queen?
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I wouldn't worry too much. As you said Tiny is basically shy. When Baby was at a disadvantage it was natural for him to take the opportunity of being the dominant one. I do not think he is miserable being #2 now.
Tiny does trust you. You are doing fine by being there when he wants that snuggle. As long as he knows he will get your attention when he needs it, he is happy.
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Hmm, true. It's rather hard to ignore the paw that comes up and pats me gently... or, more insistently, the very light prick of a pair of kitty fangs! He does know how to get my attention.
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