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Frightened Kitten & Nail Clipping

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Hi Everyone,

My husband and I have a 6 month old female kitten named Kaylie. We adopted her about 3 months ago, knowing she had a "rough start". Luckily, she gets along VERY well with our older cat (who is an ANGEL). However, she's still very scared of my husband and I. Kaylie won't go near my husband AT ALL. She'll let me pet her occasionally when I walk by, even though I give her at least 5-10 minutes of lap time a day (which is a struggle all in itself).

Anyway, the reason for my posting is that I cut my older cat's nails on a regular basis and I need advice on cutting the kitten's nails. We had Kaylie's nails trimmed at her vet appointment 1 1/2 months ago. I've been trying to trim them myself (with my husband's help), but she won't stay in our arms for more than 10 seconds before she scratches us and runs away. I have a feeling it's because she's afraid of my husband. Unfortunately, he's the only other adult in my house.

We're going to try to trim her nails again this week. If it doesn't work out, I'll bring her over to the vet. I was just wondering if any veteran cat owners out there have some good ideas for calming her down beforehand. I'd hate to keep taking her to the vet monthly when I can just do it myself.

I'm open to any ideas!!! Thanks for your help!

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Try searching for nail trim, claw trimming, nail clip, etc, lots of threads.
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OK, so there's a new twist to our saga. While I was posting my question last night, Kaylie pooped in our bathroom and on our carpet right in front of our bedroom. Anyone know what that is about? Neither cat has done that before.
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sometimes cats pee or poop if there upset or just not feeling there selves.... also a change in litter may be the prob.

as for clipping the nails i use plenty of scratching post and u may want to try and cuddle the kitten ina towel and just expose the paw ur trimming one at a time ....then give kitty a small treat after each clip...positive rewards sometimes work well although it may take a few times!!
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