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I have three.

Skye 1 1/2 year old Brown tabby and white DSH
Calamity 2 year old black and white DSH
Sundance 7 month old white and black DSH
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3 here! They are all under 2 years old....... I hope that means I won't get more, because so far I've been getting a kitten every 6 months!!!!
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ONE handsome, cuddly, love-of-my-life, best friend.
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Limerick's an only cat. I don't think he would be happy with s roommate. haha
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I have 2 girls. Historically I've always had 1 cat, but 9 years ago I wanted to get a companion for Chynna because I was starting a position at the hospital that was 12 hour shifts. I felt it was too long to leave my girl home alone. However, her and Abby never became friends. I think Chynna would have preferred to be just left by herself for that length of time. They just tolerate one another. I think now Chynna tries to play sometimes but Abby is afraid of Chynna and growls and runs away.

Though the other day Abby was on the office chair and Chynna was sitting beside it. Abby would lick her paw, reach over the edge of the chair and smack Chynna on the top of the head and pull her paw back quickly and crouch back from the edge leaving Chynna looking around to see what hit her on the head
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One for me... For now.
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glad to see I am not the only one with more then 10.
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If foster cats count, then 8.
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Three cats here
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Seven cats here. 1yr, 3 are 8 yrs, 7yr & 2 are 11yrs.
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Just 2 here.
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Right now, we have only 1 cat. We used to have 3 cats, but they all passed away cause of high age.
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Originally Posted by Skippymjp View Post
So many that I have to count them on my signature to keep up.

I also use it during roll calls
I've only got four - but I also run random roll calls and bed checks
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I have 4, ages 14, 8 and two 3-year-old littermates, but often have a foster kitty here too.
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I have Twig who is 9 years old
Rocket who is 8 years old
Isis, Luna and Neffie who are 8 years old also
and our newest member yet to be named whose ago is also undetermined.
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I have three. Elija -male, 10 years old, Furrari - male, 15 years old and Freya - female, 15? years old ; she came to me, 12 years ago, as an adult stray so I'm guessing her age.
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I have 2 cats.

I adopted Matilda (approximately 1 year old) on 10/03/07, planning on being a single-cat person.....until a whopping few weeks later on 11/10/07, when Chloe came home too (she's about 12-13 weeks).

No plans on any more. I would like to have foster cats in the future when I have a larger house.
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