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Poll: how many cats . . .

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Just curious on what is the average number of cats people here own . .

I currently have 2 that are over 7yrs old.
5 that are between 1 - 2 yrs
3 that are almost 4 months
4 that are 6 days
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Wanting two more. as we've got four people with all kinds of laps and love. but sadly no luck. Angelboots
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Total 4. We are officially considered "cat people"
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6 fuzzbutts here
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So many that I have to count them on my signature to keep up.

I also use it during roll calls
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We have 5 indoor and right now we have around 4 outside. Pumkin the feral, Moose the stray, A little girl stray I named Darla (from the show Angel...a pretty but cranky vampire lol), and another stray male that has a deformed ear that folds in (looks like he was burned) and a big scar on his back where there is no fur.
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Technically 15. Legally 13. Outside I've got 8. Inside I've got 7. Only 5 of the insiders are mine, two are fosters.
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I own four sweet kitties: Jasmine, Isabella, Velvet, & Kojak.

I also have a 3 legged foster kitten named Jezabel
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just two. all I need at the moment. When the baby we are expecting gets old enough and wife says ok, we might get another one, or two, or ..... well we will have to see as is it years away
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we have...drum roll please

6 kitties, and well if dad would allow it we would have more we have so much room But I just love all my little fuzzbuts, and my brothers and grams kitties so if u add their 3 each that totals a lot of cats I cant go to my brothers with out taking treats over for his cats or lecturing him and his wife about the cat food they feed
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Charlie is my first baby, he turns 9 in Feb. I am mum to Cleo though she lives with Tristan as they adopted her out there and is special needs (blind). I am step mum to Timmy who is Tristans mums cats and he's taken a liking to me the last two years (which apparently isn't easy for him and new people lol)

Un-technically three technically one
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We have 5 at home and 1 at the office
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technically one ... but the neighbor cats lay claim to owning me ... so likely 6
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We have 3....but we don't own them..they own us
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The two new kittens make 5 now! (I've officially reached the point where everyone thinks I'm crazy. )
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I have 11 who are 100% indoors, one who is indoor/outdoor, and John's dad has a cat who lives with us. So 13 total!
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1 adult
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my husband and i are owned by 9 furbabies
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My heart belongs to one chelly belly, Maia!
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I'm staff to 3 boys. It would be closer to 15 if I weren't married, but DH has a 3-cat limit.
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Currently 3 kittens. They are 4, 7 & 10 months old
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I have just 1 cat right now and my sister (who lives here with us) has 1 as well.
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I've got 2, Fable who is 2 and Jupey who is about 8 months. I'd like more cats but Jupey's driving me nuts at the moment so they're enough for now.
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Up until a month ago i had no cats just a dog. Now i have 3 kittens 6wks, 9 wks and 12 wks old. I love 'em all.
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I have 5 and am starting my hunt for my 6th.
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5 cats, one girl aged 3-4, and four boys ages 6, 8, 11 and 13
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15 here, all 100% indoor, ranging in age from 6 months to 5 years (approximately) all leukemia positive
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We have 8 indoor cats here Ages 3 months to 6 years old...
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I have my one and only boy Quill. One day though I'll get another!
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Currently I have one sweet kitten but I really want to get one more (as soon as I can talk my husband into it).
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