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Oh so tired!

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Well tonight Ernie was fast asleep and as soon as I snapped the picture he had to put on a little show. LOL



And then there's Santo just chillin........such a handsome boy!

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Awwwww they are both very handsome little baby boys
I wonder what Ernie was laughing about.
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Awww what handsome boys they are Ernies a gorgeous colour as well
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They are so cute, but Ernie just stole my heart.
My dear Fred was a buff tabby, and he was the sweetest, most loving cat I have ever had. I hope you have as many wonderful years with him, and Santos, of course, as I did with Fred. He was my baby for 18 years. Thanks for sharing the pics.
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Aww your fuzzies are cuties! Love the one of Santos just chilling...
Look forward to seeing more photos of your beautiful kitties
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