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Part Rat Terrier, Part ADORABLE!

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OMG is this not the cutest puppy you've ever seen?!?!

Louie's been up for adoption for like 2 weeks now....nobody wants him! Mom was a "Miniature" Rat was??? they think Beagle but no reasoning behind that.

Group shot!

I took Louie & my girls up to the pet stores today...figured he might as well chill at my place for awhile to learn how to behave in a house! That, & he's so cute... He's like 5 lbs!!!
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OMG Nat...What a face
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I can't believe no body wants him. He is adorable!
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AWWW what a cutie///
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aww he is a cutie, look at those cute ears
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He is a cutie pie!!! It's probably good that not just anybody is trying to take him though Nat- those RTx's dogs can be pretty high energy- so it's better to wait and have the right home come along that understands his needs than to have him go to a home that doesn't understand the breed type (even though he's a mix- it's good to try and understand about what he could be mixed with and any behavioral things to look out for), his energy levels,etc. The right home will come along soon!
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He's actually super mellow Nikki. One of the more laid back ones of the litter. Great about chewing his toys, not other stuff. I mean, he's an awesome RT....I'm not a big fan of the real "boingy" I tend to foster the calmer ones!
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Awwwww, he's adorable!!! I can't believe no one wants him!! You can just send him our way.... lol.
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I'm officially smitten with this boy! He's had a long busy day...and now he's totally crashed.

He mimicks what my girls do, here's him mimicking Macey!

And using her as a backrest...

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What a DOLL!!!!
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Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is super adorable
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Look at how little he is!!! What a cutie. I love the picture where he's sitting between Coco and Macey. How cute is that?!!
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AWWW He's got those Beagle Big Brown Eyes! That is just about the most adorable pup I have ever seen!
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he's cute!
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Awwwww what a cutie!
I have a soft spot for Rat Terrier mixes... Here's mine:

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Oh my!!!! He is so cute! If I had to guess I would guess beagle as well. He's mostly rat terrier though! Too cute!
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That pup is ALL adorable! That face makes you want to melt!!
Just want to give him a big hug! Hes just a little guy :
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