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I turned into a lurker *delurks* enough of that!

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*de-lurks* that was the longest lurking period I ever did ^^ from February. Well, now I'm back *smiles to everyone* and though I turned 18 I missed out on doing Secret Santa *sigh* maybe next year!!!! anyone remember me - or better, remember my beautiful Cierron? He's loving the summer and all his winter mane has fallen out. My big news - I'm going to England for a year in December! and I'm gonna miss him soooooo much...I wish I could take him but I think he'll be happier here in NZ chasing geckos and bullying Caspian ^^
a picture of him on his favourite perch - I don't know if my signatiure still works

I heard that it rains every day in winter in England. Is that true???? I hope not because I love the sun, and I'm gonna miss summer, but I'm looking forward to having xmas in winter, it seems proper somehow, like christmas cards and carols ^^
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I don't remember you but welcome back anyway! Your cat is beautiful.
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I remember you And that beautiful baby...I can't believe you have to leave him
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*waves back to Bella* I know, it's so sad I'm gonna miss him like crazy. I hope there are cats where I'm going to work in england or I'm gonna go into cat-deprivation-depression ^^

Thanks mzjazz2u, I think he's the most beautiful cat ever!!! (but then, I may be slightly prejudiced...)
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Oh I remember you, too and look at that beautiful boy of yours
That pic is absolutely gorgeous... look at those mountains in the background.

Hopefully your time will pass quickly in England and you can get back to your baby. It does not rain everyday in England, its very beautiful and very cold in the winter. I hope you enjoy your time there.

Welcome Back!
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Cierron is magnificent! Someone responsible and kind will be caring for him while you're gone, I trust?
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LOL, not quite everyday but it feels like it sometimes! Today it was lovely and sunny this morning - Then it started showering, but the sun was still out so we had a lovely rainbow. It's stopped now, probably won't go again today In the winter it is cold, but we rarely get any proper snow Summer is either really hot, or really wet! Whereabouts will you be visiting in England?
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Thanks everyone!!! ^_^
@Pami: Thanks!! We live in a valley, hence the mountains I'm so glad to hear it doesn't rain everyday!!!
@Tarasgirl: Thank you!! Yes, he will stay there with my family and our two other cats, so as you can see he'll be well cared for.
@horseygal: yay, sun!!! thank goodness it sounds quite nice after all! I'll be visiting through north Yorkshire where my grandparents live, and maybe Devon, because that's where we used to live when I was little and I have some friends there. Then I'll be working somewhere maybe in Sussex or something, I haven't heard back from either of my applications yet ^^
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