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Allergies or URI?

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I took Tiki to the Vet (now my ex-Vet) a month or so ago for a bladder infection. While I was there I asked the Vet about her sneezing and runny eyes. She told me that she had allergies and told me to change the litter (which I did). She also gave me meds (I can't remember the name of them at this moment, but I do know that it is the same thing as Tavist that humans take) and told me to give them to her for 10 days. The worked great...no sneezing and no watery eyes. Now that she is off the meds, she has been sneezing a lot and her eyes water constantly. I'm just wondering if she wasn't misdiagnosed. Could she have a URI instead? I don't know the signs of a URI, but I'm assuming that sneezing and watery eyes could be signs of it. If it really is just allergies, what do I do now? At this moment, I haven't found a new Vet for them. In my town, we only have 2 Vet and I've taken them to both...and I wasn't impressed with either one of them. Should I buy some Tavist from my Pharmacy and give to her? I am 100% positive that it is the same medication (I work in a Pharmacy and I did some research on the drug). What are the signs of a URI? I really don't like to give my cats med's unless they absolutely need it, but I'm willing to do anything to make them well. I also was wondering about the allergy med called Benadryl? Is it safe for cats? I know that it is safe for dogs and I won't give my cats med's with out a Vet telling me to do it...I was just wondering if that was another allergy med that is ok for cats. The other med was very bitter and she fought me like crazy when it was time for the meds...I thought that this one might not be as bitter. Any suggestions on this would be great! Sorry for the rambling...I hope it all makes sense!
Thanks in advance!
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Please don't buy over the counter drugs and give it to your cat. It is always a dangerous thing to do and the meds the vet gives you is specifically for your cat and always says that on the label. Even if it might look the same, it probably isn't.

Call you vet on Monday and reschedule an appt for Tiki and take her in or ask the vet for more meds.
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The only problem with that is I refuse to take her back to the last Vet (the one that we discussed earlier with Echo). I will call the other Vet on Monday and see what they tell me. I've search TCS for allergies & URI'S and I found a few posts about grapefruit extract. Do you think I should give this a try? I'm going to call the Vet regardless, but from what I've read about this product...I might give it a try myself! Do you know where I can get this? I've had Pheneumia (sp?) a couple of months ago and I might just try this to help prevent myself from getting sick.
Thanks MA!
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did you find out what was wrong with your cat? i have 3 cats with the same thing ( sneezing and watery eyes)
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I would call the vet and get the exact name. I have never come across a medication similar to Tavis D. In order to even come up with a guess as to why the medication seemed to help, I would need to know the name of the drug. My guess with the runny eyes would be her breed. The runny eyes can also cause them to sneeze because of the drainage. If you find out what it was, let me know. For now, don't give her anything over the counter, it could really do more harm than good.
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I'd be curious too. Sammy has been having a terrible time. I took to him to the hospital/vet. The Dr diagnosised Sammy with Asthma/allergies. He did xrays and a washing. Sammy's regime was antibotics and predisone. He got better but it came back. What wsa interesting, the washing showed had a goldish/yellow tent to it. That was the color of the litter! I was using an alternative corn litter. I switched. I'm still trying to determine what he's allergic to. Now, Fluffy is sneezing like crazy with some discharge. She lets me wipe her nose with a soft kleenex.
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OK...first I have a HUGE apology. I listed the wrong drug in my post...it is not Tavist, it is Chlorpheniramine Maleate (which is the exact same thing as Chlor-trimeton). I'm really sorry for posting the wrong drug...plus when I said that I was 100% positive about it. Jeez...what was I thinking?

When I asked the Vet about her runny eyes, she said that her eyes are running more than they should be. When Tiki was on this drug, it helped so much. Her runny eyes stopped completely and her sneezing did too. Now her eyes are running so much it's going down on her cheeks of her face. I clean them everyday even though she absolutely hates it. When she sneezes, it can hear snot (or something) come out of her nose...and sometimes I'm so lucky to have her sneeze in my face & receive a facefull of wet snot! LOL!

I'm still going to make an appointment with the Vet tomorrow...I'll let everyone know what I find out. Thanks!
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Please do Would you find out the name of the drug and let us know as well?
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I actually looked it up from the itemized reciept that the Vet gave me. I save every reciept so I can use it as a reference guide for later purposes. It said Chlorpheniramine Maleate 4mg and take one tablet daily. Also I've attached a link to my post about crushing her med's and it lists the drugs on there too. I will ask the Vet tomorrow and post with what I find out! Thanks for everything!

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You are right, it's the same thing. I havn't looked at the packages at the store, I would just look to see if there's any extra dyes or anything
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