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Stinky feet.

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This is gross but I have these boots that have a thick lining and you're not supposed to wear socks with them. Well they make my feet smell horrible because I sweat in them. I bought some odor spray and it helps a little but the smell is still in the boots. They are dry clean only and I don't know if that would help either. Is there anything that would take the stink of the boots. I hate having smelly feet.
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I don't know about the shoes, but it sounds like you have foot problems. Perhaps these links will help you treat the cause of the sweaty feet so that you don't have to keep ruining shoes:
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Now that I think about it my hands sweat sometimes. I'll get like this light film of moisture on them. Yucky.
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That doesn't sound good at all. Are the boots natural leather or man made? I found that my feet tend to stink and sweat more with the man made leather than natural. You may do best if you wear a thin sock with them to help prevent the stinky feet.

also have you checked into Gold Bond? I think it comes in a lotion as well as the powder. That has a drying agent in it to help prevent things like Athletes foot (normally cause by sweaty feet).
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There is also a medicated poweder called Mexana that could help you. My feet perspire in the winter too. My down slippers-when I talk them off Neil wants them put far far away!!
Could you spray in febreeze????
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I like peppermint foot spray and lotion
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Don't know if you've ever smelled krylon that's been prespired on- but that's about 100 times worse than smelly feet! I got Colin some of this and he puts it on his bullet proof vest -and it keeps him smelling yummy !! I also got a bit of it for my nephew Cooper- and his feet stink to the high heavens- when he uses this- they actually smell good! You should try some- it really does wonders on odor!!

Also- to keep your feet dry during the day- put some Certain- Dri deoderant on them at night! It is the BEST deoderant i've ever used!!! You do not swear at all when you use it- no embaressing stains under your shirt, and it will keep your feet dry as well! I even use a tiny pinch at night on my forehead after i wash my face to keep it nice and matte during the day!
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I heard bicarb soda can take the smell out of things...maybe your boots too!!
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I get stinky feet from my work shoes, even though they're leather and allow my feet to breathe. I've solved my "clear-out-the-locker-room" feet by using Crystal Deoderant on my feet after my shower. It works well, doesn't have any bad side effects, it's easy to use, and relatively inexpensive.
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To add too....wash your inner boots out with white vinegar &water (i.e. if you can put the insides into the washing machine or soak them in a water/vinegar solution).

I had a problem with underarm sweating when I was a teenager. My mom used that solution to get any smells out.
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