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Two Questions

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I have two pretty simple questions.

I free feed dry food. I also split a pouch of Nutro kitten wet food at night for my boys.

Am I feeding them enough wet or should I give them each their own pouch?
I will say that one eats all of his share and then waits for the other one to stop so he can go and finish off his food.

Forgive me for my ignorance BUT...
do cats burp?

A part of me is wondering if they do indeed burp because I have never seen or heard a cat burp.. until last night (I think) but another part of me is like of course they burp..(as well as pass gas and other functions).. so just any confirmation would make me feel okay.

Thank you!
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Yep, cats burp. I see Popsie burp right after he's done eating. Cats also get the hiccups.
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how old are they, i know that makes a difference. as for burping, yes, my cats sometimes burp right in my face, and boy does it stink!!
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I am so relieved to hear that cats do indeed burp!!!

As for how old they are, they are 5 months and 6 months.
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Your cats should feel firm, not flabby and you should be able to feel their ribs (barely) but not see them. It's hard to say what the right amount of food is--it depends on their activity level. As long as they look good and have a lot of energy and don't excessively beg (or lick their bowls!), you're probably doing good
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