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Please let me SLEEP!!!

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Popsie is waking me up too much in the middle of the night. I know when cats do this your supposed to ignore them because if you respond at all it will make it worse. Question is, how do you ignore something that's right up in your face going MEEOOOOW, MEEEOOOW? I could shut him out of the room but his food and water is in there. Ugggg, it's driving me nuts.
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Originally Posted by luvmycat1 View Post
Question is, how do you ignore something that's right up in your face going MEEOOOOW, MEEEOOOW?
Ear plugs!!
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I don't get to sleep either
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I just don't let Harry sleep with us anymore; he used to sit on top of me at 4am and drive me nuts. He comes up and sleeps with me from 6.30am when my SO lets him in.
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Put out extra food and water outside your bedroom and close the door?

or earplugs, that might work.
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I also have a cat who has a habit of trying to wake me up. I'm just thankful mine does it in a cute way. She likes to put her paw on my nose with the claws slightly out if she wants my attention in the middle of the night.
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At worst, shut him out of the bedroom--but if he's anxious, that may hurt more than help.

Thankfully, mine only wake me up after 6 a.m. or so--they want their 7 a.m. breakfast--and before 1 a.m., when they settle down to sleep on the bed. So I'm pretty much guaranteed five hours of undisturbed sleep, and usually more.
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Shoot, I'd be lucky to be woken up by a meow or a foot on the nose! Every morning at 5:00 am I get pinched on the front of my shoulder and if that doesn't wake me up, my finger gets tugged and/or gently chewed on.
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Boy all this talk sure makes me want to let Jack sleep in our bedroom....LOL

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Just a wonderful part of owning a cat.

Our dogs are so much easier as they will actually sleep with us from young puppies and beyond. They also don't keep jumping on counters and knocking off our things, destroy blinds, steal food, jump over boundaries, and demand we feed them at 4am.

The dogs sleep with us at night, the cat isn't allowed anymore all the time, we tried many times but can't get any sleep. She is very noisy in her protests too of being shut out (almost as noisy as waking us up, only take out the kneading, ear nibbles, licking your eyes, walking on your face, etc.), and heaven forbid you take a nap on the couch, humans or dogs, she will wake you up. We still try it, like tonight, the bedroom door is open. She is hanging out in a nice way. We will see how long this lasts, sometimes it goes good!

People say, play with them an hour before bedtime really hard and that will help. Worth a try. Didn't work for me.
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Is he meowing because he wants food? I give my boys canned food twice per day, but they get some dry food just before bed because it is the only way they let me sleep through the night. If you normally feed dry, you could try a canned food "dessert" to see if that helps. If food isn't the issue, try to establish a routine that involves play time lasting at least 10-15 minutes a little while before bed. That way he knows when play time is. Then, use earplugs and such to avoid giving in. It may take a few weeks for the kitty to learn that sleep time for you is not a good time to play.
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I love it when my Cat wakes me up! Its so much easier to pet a kitty than get up in the middle of the night and change diapers and rfill bottles! lol

He just wants to love u up!! HAHA

Glitch's Mommy

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when my damian feels i am sleeping too late for him and he wants out or to be fed, he will stand on my chest and ever so gently press his cold nose to my eyelid, or ever so gently, bat at my eyelashes. needless to say, it is quite annoying and i always eventually give in.
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My RB kitties Fred and Georgia would hook a claw in my eyebrow ring and pull gently on it to wake me. Whenever I changed to a barbell, they would steal the earplugs right out of my ears. Fred would teach the others to do it so he would not be put out of bed if they got caught. I woke up and caught him teaching Georgia to how to hook a claw into the foam earplug and pull it out with one smooth motion. Then they would scream in my ear like the house was on fire. Now Pepper and Scooter will just jump around on top of me until I get up.
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As a few people here I tried the “tire them out routineâ€. If anything, my 6 months old little guy seem to crank up for the rest of the night when I do so! I seem quite lucky as he usually wakes me up by lying next to me and starting to purr quite loud. If I don’t pet him enough he won’t fall asleep and will leave but most nights I loose an hour of sleep between 1 and 4 am where I pet him (or get my face washed!!!). Since it’s his most affectionate time, I can’t bring myself to keep him out!!! But since I started him out on his own, he usually leaves back to his lair, comes back at 6 and will stay quiet until the alarm goes off. Then, if I don’t get up he starts howling… My advice: love it or loose it!!! When I want a good hour of sleep, he sleeps in his room…
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I'm usually ganged up on. My big boy will sit right on my pillow and put his face in my face and just start sticking his wet nose all over my face

My kitten just pets herself. If my arms are out from under the covers, she just sticks her head under my hand and then crawls under my hand. She does this a few time until I start petting her on my own.
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Jack had me awake from 4.a.m for the first couple of months, but then i started playing with him like i used to with the girls just before bedtime, then gave him some wet food.

He's slept like a baby ever since
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Mosi's not a great sleeper. I've tried all the usual tricks - I play with him most of the evening and especially before bed and he has something to eat just before bed. He does settle down ok but he doesn't need more than a few hours and when he's awake he thinks everyone else should be too. I ignore him but if he gets too disruptive I just put him out of the bedroom. Sometimes that works and he settles down in the other room, but sometimes he just screams for a couple of hours! I've just accepted that this is my lot in life and that I am just not going to get a good night's sleep ever again
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