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Food Change

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I changed the babies food to Nutro Natural Choice over the past week and a 1/2 and they LOVE it so much better than the Sceince Diet they were getting...wow..just eat up those moist little meaty chunks...much more inexpensive too
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When Mattie first came home I was feeding her Iams (she had Iams at the shelter) and I wanted to switch her to Nutro Natural Indoor. When I first started mixing it in with the Iams, she would pick out the Nutro kibbles and leave the Iams.

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I have noticed Jack doing the same thing. We are switching from Purina One kitten to Nutro max kitten and he is leaving the PO in the bowl and eating the Nutro. They are smarter than we know I think....

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Raven is on the nutro natural choice indoor kitten and she has the most beautiful (black) coat. It is so shiny and soft.
She too picked out the nutro when I was switching her food.
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Just goes to prove that a cat can tell what is better for them...

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Ya, I think they just give us the dumbfounded look to throw us off! LOL
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I had to quit mixing foods for Damita, Twitch, & Lily because Damita & Twitch would pick out one kind!
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