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Hairball ??'s

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Are cats less likely to get hairballs in the winter months? I comb George almost every day (he's not very fond of it) and of course with his "winter" coat I'm not combing out a lot of hair - and he has a lot of long hair!! Also, for the past two months or so, I've been giving him a nightly treat of some wet food (he loooves Meow Mix Selects). Is the wet food helping or just that he's not loosing as much hair this time of year?

I certainly don't miss the hairballs and sure am glad to not be woken up to that awful noise!!
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what dry is he eating???

do you brush him daily??
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Wet food does seem to help....after I switched Tink to wet, the hairballs went away.
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The dry food George eats is Purina One Natural Blends. He does get combed pretty much every day - he's not fond of it so its not a long session but he lets me get in a few swipes . Hairballs were never a BIG problem, every few weeks or so he might have an episode. I just realized that he hasn't had one in a while - not that I'm complaining or anything!
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