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Just wondering...

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...can cats get 'morning sickness'?
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The short answer is yes, they certainly do get morning sickness. In fact, it was one of the ways I knew that my Lexus was expecting. About 3 weeks after she was bred, she would go through a series of morning purges and I would find little piles of Lex hurl all over the house. I have had other breeders tell me the same thing about their girls, so I know it can and does happen.
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Ziggy had morning sickness. It didn't last long, and wasn't very much at a time.
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Yes they can. Morning sickness, day sickness, night sickness. I never knew when Tori was going to throw-up.
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That's what I figured, thanks for your replies
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I have never thought about that before!
edited to add: and I certianly sympathise with anyone who gets morning sickness!
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