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Cat vomiting

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Hi. My cat is 10 years old and before the cat food company changed it's formula (Now it's Friskies Seafood Sensations), she threw up about once a month.

Now, it is frequently including this morning, it was once - but in 12 different spots on the carpet.

A week ago, it was every day, in several different spots. Of course, Never on the spot that was already stained.

Short of going to a carpet-free house, or buying cat vomit colored carpeting, what can I do about this vomit problem?

I called the company and they said they had not had this reported as a new and frequent problem due to the formula change. Anyone else heard of this?

Is it the food or a coincidence? What is your favorite stomach sensitive food for your cat and/or any suggested cures?
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My suggestion to you would be to have her in to see her vet first to rule out anything health-related. I don't know anything about the food you mentioned, but if she has a sensitive tummy, you might want to stick with chicken or turkey foods only. Seafood is rich and hard to digest sometimes. Lexus, my Seal Point female, has a sensitive tummy and the only thing I can give her is Nutro Chicken and Turkey flavors but only in kitten variety and only in pate style. Everything else comes up.
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It may be the food aggravating her tummy. I'd see a vet, because it isn't healthy for her to be puking so much. The vet can give her anti-vomit meds to settle the vomiting and give you some time to think about changing her food now that the new formula may be the thing that is making her sick. Plus, if it isn't the food, the vet visit can confirm that. Either way, the vomiting isn't healthy.
Dry I feed Nutro and wet I feed Friskies, but only meat varieties, mostly poultry and usually only the mushy stuff, once in a while he gets the packets of the chunks with gravy.
He had sensitivity issues before this and was puking once in a while before I changed the dry from Friskies to Nutro over the summer. Now, he hasn't puked since, except the day he decided to lick the cap of a jar of chicken gravy I was using for my food, but that was my fault for not rinsing it and leaving it too accessible.
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