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Info needed

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Hi All,
We just wondered if there is an IRC "chat" forum for all us cat lovers??
Or really any kind of chat room that is specifically for cats...?
Hope to hear from you soon,
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Hi Linda & Kelly! Welcome to TCS! This isn't a real time chat room - sorry, I don't know what an "IRC" chat room is. Here, in the Cat Lounge, we are free to discuss just about anything (just remember - this is a family site! ).

We have a fun space dedicated to Captioning Cat Pics for funny kitty postcards in the "Caption This" forum.

Feel free to post about your cats - pics or just general goofy things they do. Feel free to browse the threads to find any that interest you.

We have forums dedicated to all issues about cats, however - Health & Nutrition, Care and Grooming, Behavior... feel free to take your time and snoop around.

Careful though - many find it addictive. :tounge2:
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...just wanted to add - we're all here because we're cat lovers. The board encompasses breaders and rescuers - and just about everyone who's nuts about cats. It's just... the creator of TCS was kind enough to provide a space where we get to learn more about each other and share other interests too.
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There is chat at a site called Persian-cat.com. There are people who chat there that do not have persians.
Denise Russell
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Laurie, IRC is "Internet Relay Chat" and is a real time chat program that works like Instant Messaging, only you can have many people in one "room" at a time.

I'm sure there are many cat lover's chat forums, but I don't know where. I'm not into IRC at all, sorry.
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I used to do IRC alot, until I found this place, and never left it! But if you really want an IRC chat room about cats....just start one...you can start your own rooms on IRC, and then just add it to the list of IRC rooms and I am sure other cat lovers will want to join in the live chat. Persnally I think this site is much better than live chat on IRC, because even though sometimes we post days apart, we still have a closer knit bunch of people here....that is to say....it seems so much more like family than IRC ever did. Just my opinion, though!
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Thanks for your reply.... We will heed your advice and keep posting in here.
We would also like to take this chance to thank everyone who replied to us... Thanks!!
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