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Cute Cat Conversation

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Check out this cute little vid of two kitties having a chat! It's sweeet!
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Oh, thats so sweet. It reminds me of when Ziggy used to chat through the window every morning with her neighbourhood friend.
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found it love it too...tried to post it myself actually...LOL..
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Oh my goodness that was so precious .... thats how Easy talks
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OMG!! That is hilarious!!!!

What do you think they are talking about? How hard it is to train their human slavies???

And I love the trilling noises... like "prrrrrrrp". Does anyone here know what it means when a cat makes that sound?
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That is too cute!! They look like the best of friends
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So cute! They were having a little chat about something. By the sounds of it it had something to do with a bath! Whatever it was Abby sat up and was listening and staring at me with dreamy eyes. So she must have understood it.
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My mum just sent me this link from work. It is the cutest thing EVER!! And they sound like dead ringers for Charlie when he talks too!! You HAVE to watch!!
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Aww poo!! it's the same video *sighs*
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my goodness that is sweet. Yet another reason why I cannot wait for the ravester to have a friend.
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That's so cute!!

Here's a video of the translation!
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The translation is hilarious and the other video is very very very cute!
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Ohh I found that the other day searching for "talking cat"
It's too cute!
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The translation is hilarious
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I clicked on the link to view the video, then turned around to get more coffee. I guess Miles wanted to eavesdrop on the conversation because when I went back to the computer, here's what I found.

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@ Miles
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Awww, I love it! The video, the translation, and Miles!
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