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We are Linda & Kelly and we are new cat owners. We live in England, and we have two adorable tortie kittens, only 8 weeks old.
So Hello... to everyone in this forum
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Welcome to The Cat Site! I love tortie babies, they are so adorable!
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Hi! I just saw your post in the Lounge. Feel free to ask ANY questions you have about your new bundles of joy!!! If you want help making them comfortable and keeping them happy, the Behavior forum is they way to go.

If you have questions or concerns about their health, there are many very knowledgable people participating in the Health forum.

Questions about nail clipping or brushes or baths - you'll find help in the Care & Grooming forum.

And for just general chat about your cat's antics - feel free to join us in the Lounge! You'll find much more than just cats there - but don't be fooled. We're all here because we're CRAZY about cats, and that's what brought all of us here in the first place!

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Welcome to the site Linda and Kelly! Congratulations on becoming new kitty parents! They are just wonderful, and your lives will be forever altered with their addition to your family.

Like Laurie said, feel free to jump in anywhere and ask any questions you may have about your two bundles of joy and non-stop energy!
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Hello! Congrats on your babies and welcome to the site!
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Welcome Linda and Kelly


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