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Kitten Update and A Huge Thanks

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Firstly, I want to extend my sincere thanks to this forum, not just for answering my questions and helping me bring up this litter, but for being here to answer everyone's questions. There were many things I didn't even need to ask about because it was already out here. You deserve a round of applause.

The kittens are now almost 16weeks old. Three of them have been adopted - both boys went together and one of the girls went to home as a buddy for another kitten. The other three girls and their mom remain. We've had our first two shots and will be getting our rabies shot as soon as I can make an appointment. I'm definitely keeping Patience, and I've been going back and forth on whether I should keep the three remaining kittens and how many of them I should keep and which ones, etc.. =p I had ads out for them (charging an adoption fee of course) but I've been turning people away, they're either too shady or two+ hours drive away. I think I'm going to take them to PAWS, a non-euthanasia shelter here in Centre County, after the rabies shot.

No matter what I end up deciding to do, I want to thank you all again for helping me get them this far. =)

And now the pictures! =D

Caesar on his last night here:

Captain on his last night:

China and Cindy snuggling:

One of the last nearly group shots I got:

A sleepy Caesar:
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A sleepy Flower:

Maggie and Flower pause for warm laundry:

And lastly, I was just sent this photo tonight. This is China in her new home with new sister Pumpkin (China is the one sound asleep):

Thanks again. =)
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They've grown up so fast. I remember admiring China on one of your earlier posts.

I'm glad some have found good homes. I think you should keep the others
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They're adorable!!
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Hey, if you can take 'em, why not keep 'em? Of course, if you got them adopted out, you might be able to adopt a less-adoptable older cat (the "cute factor" attaches many people to younger cats, but older ones are, IMO, much less trouble!).
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They're beautiful. That orange and white one is just so cute! You did a good job and should give yourself a round of applause!
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They are adorable!!
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They are so cute. I think the most responsible thing to do is to get them neutered BEFORE they are adopted out. Is mama cat spayed now?
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How quickly they grow up. Good job, they're adorable.
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