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Deacon's Birthday!

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We went to the Zoo today and had a BLAST!
I took over 200 pictures and most of them were of the Tigers and Panthers

Here are some of my fave pics!

more to come.......
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happy b day deacon
love that bat pic
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This is Lucy... A Florida Panther
She was brought to the zoo when she was just a baby. Her mother rejected her and she had a really bad head injury. The Vets at the zoo nursed her back to health and today was her debut. She's 4 months old now.

Up close and personal with the girafees

Dad being goofy

One big bat!

A baby chimp and his blankie!

The Lorekeets

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OMG, I want one of those tigers!! They are gorgeous!! Glad to hear you had a good time and Deacon had a good birthday!
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A blue frog

You have to look close but the Cheeta is there.. He was pacing the fenceline



And after walking what seemed to be 100 miles, Dad and Deacon taking a rest

And one just cuz I thought it was funny

I have SOOOOOO many pics but I don't want to bore you guys
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We had SO much fun!
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just so he had alot of fun.
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Those pics are great, and that giraffe was close as well wasn't it!

Awwww Deacons face in that first picture when he's got his new bike
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That's awesome!! Looks like he loved his birthday!!

I love the chimps at the zoo...they're hilarious!!!
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Happy Birthday Deacon

Great pics Aycia
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Awesome pictures! Happy birthday Deacon!
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Great pictures Alycia!! Happy Birthday to Deacon!
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