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K-Mart Liquidation

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If you have one of the KMarts that are closing near you, it is worht checking out. In the 1st week of the liquidating prices, all cat food, litter, toys and accessories are 20% off. We got a 35 lb. tub of Tidy Cats Scoop, Multi-cat for right around $6.50. There are also some really good deals around the stores. Right now, just about everything, including the groceries in the Super K's, are 10-30% off. Fine jewelery is 70% off!

Even if you don't usually shop there, you can't beat the prices on brand name stuff, especially the cat stuff.
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I will not shop at KMart, low prices or no. They have cancelled all of their stock and are issuing new stock, at a penny a share. This new stock all goes to their creditors. The ordinary stockholders are getting the shaft - people who have KMart stock, in their 401(K), as well as small investors. These are the same people who shopped at KMart, all of these years.

Because of all of these corporate shenangigans, Bill's 401(K) looks anemic.
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wow, mines closing! I better head out there tomorrow or Monday and pick up as much kitter litter as I can (the only place for miles that sells Scoop Away + Crystals). Specially now that it's 20% off !

Gotta stock up!
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Our K-mart here...(the small town 15 miles from me) closed many years ago, when Walmart came to town.....this town just wasn't big enough for the both of them!
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the one near me closed down about 8 months ago. i keep hoping they'll put a trader joes in the empty building.
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We went to the one closing in Springdale. Got Mike some really nice shirts for almost half off and I got a new robe and slippers- so now my cats can have my old ones (that they sleep on all the time anyway)
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I'd go, but, then Id have to drive to Rhode Island... that's the closest one to us..
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