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Kittten feeding advice?!?! PLEASE!!

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I have a question for all those experienced owners/breeders!

Lilly's two kittens are now 6weeks old and we have been weaning them.

They will now eat about 1/2 a slice of devon (together).

They have also been lapping up a little bit of kitten milk.

They are only eating and drinking this much once a day, but both of them are still on mums milk though.

They are both playing and interacting with us, so we figured that it is time to start getting more serious about weaning them off her.

So I have a quesetion to ask you!!!

How much kitten food and milk are 6 week old kittens meant to eat/drink per day (whilst still on mum)? And how many times a day?

BTW they are on devon because they arent interested in kitten food yet, but love devon so we were told that it wont hurt them until they are on kitten food!

thank you for any advice you can give!
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I haven't had any experience with a momma cat & her kittens, only hand raised Blossom from 3 weeks. You may find some helpful info from www.kitten-rescue.com
Though its talking about orphan kittens it gives the weekly stages form birth to 12 weeks, I think.
I wouldn't think devon, if its the same we have here would be any good for young kitties with all that preservative in it. I would try a good quality kitten wet food.
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Hey thanks!
I just logged on to update it!!
It musnt be the same devon, because here, you buy it in packets that have kitten signs on it! It says that it is for kittens!

Anyway, the one that is going to a new home in a few weeks, we have been focusing on. Today i set out a few trays to test. She didnt over stuff herself, but she ate:
- kitten dry food mixed with water
- Kittens devon sliced up into little bits
- Kittens wet food (in satchets - she ate 1/2 a sachet)
- Drank water
- Drank kitten milk

I am so exited and proud of her!! A week ago she would shake and get all scard if i offered her just kitten milk!!

Such good gals!!!

The other did the same but didnt fill herself up as much!

Going to look at the site now!!
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update - today i saw mumma kitty feeding her kitties dry biscuits!!! They were doing well!
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My kitten is 6 weeks old and she eats a LOT! I feed her Wellness Kitten Formula mixed with Nutro Complete Care, combined weight of 6 oz. I separate feeding time into 4, and each time she will eat up almost all her food, leaving only a tiny bit behind. She's got a huge appetite!
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Whenever I get kittens, I just let the mom take care of everything. Since the momma cat is on kitten food anyways, as she should have been throughout her pregnancy, the kittens will follow her when they are ready and she will teach them how to eat. You don't even have to do anything. They will eat what they want, when they want and still nurse as well. Food should be out and available to mom at all times. Offer it in low dishes so the kittens can easily access it. It is just like the litterbox, mom will show them, you don't even need to do anything.
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