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had knock life.......

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she was taken as a stray runt, then passed to me for 2 years, then to my parents (who already had a cat) for for five. She never worked well with other cat's, but at five years it went overboard............. she started monitoring the the litter box, refusing the other cat acess.............. thats when I took her back.................... everything was okay for a month or 2, then she started spending the majority of the day walking from room to room bellowing meows............. then she started licking herself bald spots.......... at first I thought she just more needed attention, so i gave her more...... when that didn't work, I gave her even more................... then more even.................. no change............ she's still spending most of her time either walking from room to room crying, or licking herself bald................ Can a cat lose their mind?...........Anyone seen this before? What can I do here?..............
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It is probably caused by stress. The loud meowing and licking spots bald is a sign of stress. The monitoring the litter box is a territory thing, a lot of cats are territorial about litter boxes. I would bring him to the vet they can give you pills to calm the cat down. I hope this helps!

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Welcome to TCS Adam....
Thank you for taking your kitty back.
She has been though a lot.
It does sound like she is stressed out but I would have your vet do a complete check-up to rule out an illness as soon as possible.
I hope that she is OK.
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Welcome to the forum. When you take her to the vet & if he says she's ask about the pheramone difuser. Good luck I hope she gets back to being a happy kitty again.
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When I got to the part about the bald spots, it really rung a bell. My bannister sitting cat (who is now the upstairs hallway cat) went through spells of that, and I thought she had a skin condition. The vet said anything topical would only be licked off, so she gave her a steroid shot. Bad idea. The steroids only made the bare spots redder which caused her to lick more and more. I thought she was going to lick through her skin and her insides would come out! I tried getting her interested in anything to get her mind off of it, even licking another cat. Finally she stopped and it all healed up and the hair grew back (I was afraid she'd killed the follicles!) She has done it again to a much smaller extent from time to time. Right now she has all her hair, but she is a nervous high strung kitty and I just have to deal with that.

As far as affection, if you try to give it, they may pull away and run, as she does when she is in one of her moods. But other times when it's her idea, she will jump up on me and purr for a long time, even curl up on my head on the pillow or on my shoulder like a bird while I'm online. I let her stay whenever possible, glad for the loving. She has no reason to be stressed, and I also have her littermate who has no such problems so I don't even know if it's heredity. It's just her, and she's got her quirks like people do.Maybe a kitty shrink? Anyway, me and you are going to have to keep these girls forever, because they would be considered 'unadoptable' by even the nicest rescuers. She would be 'bad' to anyone else, but I love her faults and all. I'll go to the ends of the earth for her, as long as she's with me.
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Poor baby!
From your post, I take that your parents had one litter box for 2 cats? I think the rule of thumb is one per cat, plus one additional. She may not like sharing a litter box and additional boxes might take care of the guarding.
It does sound like stress and perhaps depression due to the move/loss of her cat friends.
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Poor Kitty! I have one like that too! I will be praying for both you and your kitty!

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