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Saturday DT

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I am starting a Saturday DT as a way to avoid going to the grocery store a little longer. I know I will have to go, but I am putting it off as long as possible. I swear I should have a reserved space at the super Walmart.

So I was in a grumpy mood when I came home from work today, but my little baby cat, Ed curls up next to me and starts looking at me adoringly. How can I resist that?

Don't feel like going to church tonight as that is where I work. I may play sick. I'm such a brat.:tounge2:

Hope you are all having a good day. I'll be back later if I make it out of Walmart alive!!
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You shop at super walmart also? Its so handy, everything in one store! And the prices are great also.

Its a difficult day, after what happened this morning with Columbia.

I am staying home today, Jake has loads of homework to do and as we are going to Morganton tomorrow to see the Two Towers, he wants it all done before then, so he doesnt have to worry.

Tried to clip Penka and Kahu's front claws, Im only doing one at a time, they HATE it! I have holes in one of my tops now, fortunately its an old one!

Peedoodle is in one of his smoochy moods and so I have been enjoying his attention, I love it!

I am just playing a game to pass the time as I cant go online much - Jake does his homework at the computer and one of his classes is an online class so not much of me here.

Have a great day, considering the circumstances.

(((HUGS))) to all.
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I've, already, made it in and out of WalMart, alive. We made our monthly cat-and-dog food run. I needed a couple of pairs of jeans, too. They had the neatest keyrings and magnets, in the pet department. I got a magnet, with a Dalmatian on it. All of the cat ones were breed-specific, so I passed. None of them looked like Opie or Rowdy.

We're going out to dinner, tonight. Got a craving, for Mexican food.

Bill and I have been glued to the TV, since this morning. This has been awful.
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It is so sad in many ways, it is amazing to me how complacent the media becomes to space coverage until something bad happens then they cover it 24 hours trying to keep it alive (I suppose) with all sorts of mundane talk after the first disclosures are made.

Anne and I were talking this morning about how this was supposed to be such a great day for Israel and now they are again a nation in mourning.

Again, my heart goes out to all the families coping with this horrible loss and to the space program for this devastating set-back as well.
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It's been a pretty rough day for me. My great Uncle Ralph passed away on Tuesday and today was his funeral. I really didn't know him very well, but I'm very close to my cousins and went to support them. I ended up not even listening to the sermon since my baby cousin Orianna (she just turned 1 year old on the 3rd) got cranky...so I took her out of there. I just can't handle seeing people cry, so I cried right along with them. After the funeral, we went to the church and ate lunch...then I went to the Super Wal-Mart in a near by town. Jeez...it looks like everyone here went to Walmart today! I was looking for some khaki pants...there was only 2 different styles and of course I didn't like either one! I did find a really cute new toy! It is an electonical kitty! It looks SO real! It is battery operated...it purrs if you pet it, it hisses if you pull it's tail, it meows if you don't touch it, it's head moves back & forth. It was a little costly..$28! I just HAD to have it! My cats really don't know what to do with it yet...they just sniff it and look at it funny!
Now, I'm ready for a long nap! I'm so exhausted right now...I'll check in with ya'll later. Hope everyone has a good weekend even though we are all going through a sad time with the Shuddle exploding. I'm so sad for them right now...too sad for words.
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We went to K-Mart this morning since there is one close that is closing. Great deals! See my thread K-mart Liquidation I usually shop at Wal-Mart but brand names are the same no matter where you get them. Figured we'd give it a shot and see. Talk about a madhouse!! The deals were worth it.

Other than that, I'm still a little sick today. Mostly just tired. We have been glued to the coverage of the shuttle disaster since we learned of it (except when we were in the store). Such a sad day.
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Shell - I am so sorry to hear about your uncle!

It is tragic to hear about the victims on the shuttle. I can't even imagine how their families feel. I didn't even think about the fact that the other shuttle tragedy was so long ago. Seems like a year ago or so. I guess it's like my parents and "what were you doing when you heard JFK was shot?" It just stays with you.

Went to Walmart and got halfway across the parking lot and realized I had forgotten the checkbook. Since the parking lot was so full, I decided to go back later tonight after church -- I guess I'm going -- I don't really want to face my boss because I wouldn't even look at him when I left work today and feel like such a loser. I will stop now before this becomes one of my long winded whines. There are a lot of people out there who have a lot worse situations that I do. I will have to stop in the $.99 make up area at Walmart. That always cheers me up.

I'm going to quit babbling now...
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Shell, I'm so sorry to hear about your Uncle. {{{Hugs}}}

Heidi - get off the computer and get to bed!

Kellye - I wait until they're sound asleep. I usually get at least a whole set of front or back claws that way before they wake up to complain. So it takes two to three days - one day for the front, then it takes a day or so before they sleep soundly enough again for me to get the back! I do it every two weeks so it's easy.

Cindy - we were out picking up cat food, but we'd forgotten to eat breakfast before leaving. Gary was starving! So no, we didn't eat the cat food (!) - we stopped at a Chinese restaurant we'd never been to - and it was great! Hope you enjoy your Mexican tonight!

Jan - sorry about today! Maybe your trip to Walmart later will make you feel better! BTW - Spooky and Ed will make such a cute valentine's couple! Spooky has orange on her back (so she's tan and orange). ....they're color coordinated!

...then we came home and turned on the TV while unpacking. It was tragic to hear about the shuttle. I really couldn't believe it. And Mary Anne - I agree. Unfortunately disaster sells news. And that's what they do these days - they literally sell the news, they don't report it any more. News stations were always loss leaders for a network - now they're expected to turn a profit. The quality of news will never be the same again. AND it has become annoying to watch.
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Ugh. I inventoried my deep-freeze last night, and today I have a sore back. I would have liked nothing more than to sit in the living room with my heating pad, but we had to go to Seattle to pick up some tires for Mike's Pugeot. Got some standard rims for $60 for the set, rather than get metric tires at $130/each!. Left at 9am, just got home and it's 6 now!. As I type this, I'm surrounded by kitties, all demanding attention. I'd love to take a hot bath, but the litter boxes for the fosters is in the bathtub! Guess I'll take a shower... after the kitties get their playtime, of course!
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Watched the news almost all day. Considering I was still in the womb when the Challenger went down, it was the first time I'd seen anything like that. I was glued to CNN. Such a horrible thing to have happened, but as someone said before, they all died doing something they loved.

Just listening to some Aerosmith and looking around the boards before I go to bed.

I have a driving lesson tomorrow (parallel parking ). Hope I don't wreck the instructor's car. I swear I'm the worst driver to ever roam the earth... everybody says I'll catch on but I'm doubting it...

Socks is sitting at my feet, keeping them warm. I can hear her purring and it's just the most comforting thing in the world. She gave me a big scare today; my brother left the back door open and I could not find Socks anywhere. After about a half an hour of running around frantically with a can of Pounce, I found her happily lying on a heat register, under my bed. Silly cat almost gave me heart failure.
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Shell, I'm sorry to hear of your family's loss.

Sockiesmom-Good luck with the driving lesson tomorrow.

Like everyone, I've been in a semi-state of shock after hearing of the Columbia tragedy. I keep on thinking of the astronaut's families, but also of all those who work at NASA who had to experience this first hand.

I went out with a good friend today, running errands and doing pretty much nothing. It was just what I needed, a good day with a good friend. Got Ivo Da Bird-she's not sure if she likes it or is afraid of it. I also picked up 2 DVDs, which I'm watching (around being on line) to avoid watching the news.

Good thoughts for all of us on TCS tonight,
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