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My Mom Might Get Some Kitties!

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Okay, nothing's official yet, but I think my sister's and my "suggestions" are convincing her! This last week she was looking at adoptable dog and cat photos online by herself! I don't really think that she'd get a dog because it probably wouldn't really fit her lifestyle. She has lots of free time now because she doesn't have a job (her department was entirely laid off last February), but she will get one eventually, so she might not have the time needed to devote to the care of a dog. Also, she had a stroke a year and a half ago, and half of her body is numb. While she still has full use of her body, the numb side isn't as strong, so that mght be another factor.

Even though she tell us she hates them, she actually really likes my sister's 2 cats and my 2 cats! A few days ago she sent pictures of 2 cats she had seen online. She said that she wanted to meet them and spend some time with them to see if they "click". Unfortunately, I doubt she'd adopt any kitties until after the holidays, but we'll see. The two cats are not a "set" but are at the same rescue. (She had sent me the picture of one cat one night, and then the picture of the other the next day saying the first "would need a brother"!)

The cats are really cute. I hope she meets them and falls in love with them and brings them home. So, everybody think good thoughts and send "adopt some kitties" vibes!

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That would be great if she got companion kitties, especially since she has time on her hands righ now. Vibes for a new home for 2 kitties, and loving friends for your mom. Some from all my kitties!
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