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I got her!!!!!!!!

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Some of you may remember me posting about trying to catch a little white kitty that I found outside. Here is the original post:

Tonight I was outside, and saw her again. I sat down on the ground and held my hand out. She seemed a little nervous but she came right to me. She was purring like crazy and rubbing all over me. I picked her up carefully thinking she would probably flip out but she had no problem with it... just kept on purring. John was in the barn working on a motor, and I carried her in there. I had already told him about her, but I was still a little afraid he'd say no. I don't know why I was so worried though. He just said, "take her inside".

So she's set up in a big dog cage for now, until I can have her vetted and start with introductions. I'll get a picture soon and post for you all to see!
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Can I have her????!?! I wish. I need pics, ASAP. I'll live through you...
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Awww, she sounds like such a sweetie. So glad she's safe and sound with you now.
post #4 of 11 wonderful!
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I just put up a picture thread here:
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awww she is the cutest little thing!!!!!!!
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She is very pretty!!

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Oh she's so pretty! I'm so glad you got her!
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She is lovely! I hope that all goes well at the vets and with the intros!
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That is wonderful that you finally got her! Shes a lucky girly

Thats cute how John said "Take her inside" without a second thought
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Originally Posted by bnwalker2 View Post
I just put up a picture thread here:
Very handsome lady,she already seems a natural with posing for the camera.
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