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Oh My God! This is the first I've heard of this! I've was at a funeral this morning and on the drive down I didn't have the radio on (which is really rare for me). I don't know if even my family has heard about this news...we were all preoccupied today with my great uncles funeral. Today was hard enough and now seeing this...I just want to cry! I feel so bad for their families and for everyone involved...my heart is breaking for them right now. I want to turn on the TV and catch up on everything, but I just don't think I can handle it right now. I remember when the Challenger exploded (I'm 25 now...so that made me about 9). It was so devastating! I was in school and the teachers took us all to the cafeteria to watch the news. I can remember it so clear and now it's ironic that it happened again.
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Not to spoil the mood of the thread, but did anyone else hear what Iraq's response was? They said this was a "sign of God's wrath." I'm simply stunned by the callousness of that statement.

I can't see that there is any link to terrorism here, and am quite frankly appalled that anyone would think that someone within the space program, much less one of the astronauts, would have something to do with it. The initial reports that NASA is reporting right now indicate that this was probably a fluke accident, there were problems with the manner in which the shuttle entered the atmosphere. There is also the piece of insulation that broke off on takeoff that hit the left wing, which is also the wing where they lost sensors first.
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Heidi, I agree with you completely. It is also appalling to me that any one of these brilliant young heroes would be suspected by anyone. As I previously wrote, they are the most noble of all of us! We are again in the Age of Discovery, one of the most exciting, enlightening, and dangerous times in the history of humankind, and the astronauts are among the bravest of the brave. My prayer is that they are now being embraced by our Creator and surrounded by infinite love.
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Does everyone relize there was no excape hatch on the shuttle? You would think that after the Challener there would have put one on this shuttle?
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It is highly unlikely that anyone aboard could have been a saboteur. For an hour, before landing, the shuttle is not under the control of the pilot but, command and control computers on the ground - essentially, an autopilot.

When one looks at the number of people and miles logged, in the 40 years of the space program, they really do have an excellent safety record. Between Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and the 113 shuttle missions, dozens of people and over a million miles, there have been 31 fatalities. This doesn't make it any easier, for the families of those lost but, it furnishes some perspective, as to the overall safety of the program.

The conspiracy nuts are coming out of the woodwork, too. As for the Iraqi regime: who CARES what they think and say? Does anyone REALLY give them any credibility?

The best thing to do is find out what caused this incident, fix the problem and continue the program. That's what Americans do.
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I have been bummed all day and I thought you guys wouldn't mind if I put my feelings in writing.......

On January 28, 1986 I stood in the parking lot of the Chamber of Commerce and was shocked to view the destruction of the space shuttle Challenger, and the death of its seven crew members.

I remember standing in the crowd applauding for, what we thought, was another successful launch when another spectator began pointing at the strange smoke trail in the sky, yelling that Challenger had exploded. It was confirmed quickly.....It seemed like everyone dropped to their knees at the same time. I'll never forget how sad I felt, not to mention, how quiet and reverent the town was that day.

Since then, we have watched many shuttle launches right from our driveway. Day or night it is an awesome site to see. Along with our neighbors, (and this may seem dorkey) we stand up to applaud all successful launches—We watch it until it disappears from site. The smoky trail the shuttle leaves behind is a reminder for me to pray for the astronauts who lost their lives and for the safe return of the brave new astronauts.

The Sonic Boom from the shuttle re-entering the earths atmosphere is a normal thing to hear in my neighborhood, since the shuttle passes right over us every time it comes home.

This morning, while bracing myself (and the cats) for another sonic boom I heard the dreadful news—and again we dropped to our knees. Along with the rest of the world, I pray for the families of our lost astronauts.

I am deeply saddened.
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Wow, Kim. What a horrible day that must have been for you. I remember it -- but actually BEING there.

As for Iraq -- they always have something to say. They were pretty smug at 9/11 too. Sickening!

It's just so unbelievable.
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My thoughts and prayers for the families and loved ones of those brave people.

One of the Astronauts a terrorist? No way.
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Sherral, there is an escape hatch and the astronauts are equipped with parachutes. However, in both cases, everything happened so fast that there wasn't a chance to use them. In this case, the air speed - Mach 18.3 - and height - 207,000 feet - would have made the parachute less than worthless. (Hubby is a big space nut and has asked many of the same questions, that's why I know all this. )
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I know exactly how you feel. I was in my first year of teaching, and we had planned to watch the Teacher in Space broadcast that afternoon. From Tampa, launches are clearly visible. I dropped my class off for lunch, and from the front of the school, I watched the launch and subsequent events. Just the other day, we were discussing how NASA was resurrecting teachers aboard the shuttle. I have always wanted to apply. Now this..... It is devastating...

As to an escape hatch, where exactly are the astronauts supposed to escape to at 200,000 ft and 12,500 mph?

Finally, an astronaut sabotaging his own orbiter? I believe that notion is nothing short of ludicrous, and disrespectful to those who lost their lives today.
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If there was a terrorist onboard, they would have done something at liftoff not wihle they were landing. The terrorist conspiracy doesnt fly.
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Something Mike pointed out to me when I told him about the ludicrous statement that one of the astronaunts might be a terrorist. If there was a bomb on board, space travel would of made most bomb material very unstable. Mike used to work for the aerospace industry long ago.
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I agree with everyone else here, this wasn't an act of terrorism. It was a really tragic accident, and I'm sure NASA will eventually determine the cause and take steps to prevent it from happening again.
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This is so sad. What a tragedy for the whole world. I was away for the day, and only heard about on the radio, but I just put on the TV and the pictures are so terrifying.

My thoughts and prayers to the families that lost a loved one today.
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A special memory of the space shuttle Columbia...

Kim, I don't have the memories that you do of the shuttles lifting off, or of the Challenger disaster. However, on Columbia's maiden flight, she carried a number of small American flags. When she landed, these flags were distributed to all the cities in America named Columbia.

I grew up in Columbia, Maryland. Our city's "space" flag, along with a picture of the crew and a letter telling the story was proudly displayed in our main library. I can remember seeing every time I entered and left the library.

The space shuttle Columbia was our city's shuttle, and the tragic events today just hit a little harder, because of my memories of that flag and picture.

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thank you for the info.I did't know there was a escape hatch.It's too bad it could.t have been used.
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At 39 miles high and 12,500 mph, an escape hatch would have done no good.

The nuts are coming out of the woodwork. People are showing up at emergency rooms, claiming to have been hit by debris and to have been contaminated by touching debris. Anything falling, from that altitude at that speed, would have killed anyone hit and any toxic chemicals would have burned off. Some people will capitalize on any disaster. Hope they're proven to be frauds and prosecuted.

The same thing happened, after 9/11. A woman claimed that her son had been killed, at the World Trade Center. Turns out, he wasn't even in New York State, much less at the WTC.
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Why are people like that?

Shouldn't we all be focusing our thoughts and prayers on those who were in the shuttle, and their loved ones? - not using this terrible tragedy for some kind of personal gratification, or attention seeking?

My prayers are with those people who were lost, and their families grieving for them.

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so sad.
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Its getting worse - pieces of debris have, already shown up, on EBay. NASA stepped in and EBay pulled them and NASA is recovering them.

I hate crooks and ghouls! What next? Body parts?
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Thats awful!!!! D..n when will people stop capitalising on a tragedy???
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I thought about debris showing up on eBay earlier today. I really wonder about some people....
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This is all so very very tragic and sad!!! My heart goes out to the families of the people killed, as well as my prayers. And to suggest that one of them was a secret terrorist and might have set a bomb from within is completely insane. This was a tragic tragic accident!!!!!!
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Since this is a very important thread I just wanted to bump it up again.
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On the news just now they said that 8 people are hospitilized because of burns and injuries resulting in touching the debris. After all those warnings people still had to touch the debris?
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And the sad thing is, they will probably end up suing someone because they weren't smart enough to listen to the warnings not to touch the debris.
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Just talked to my cousin Doris in Texas and she said that some of the areas in Nacogdoches are very "woodsy" and some people have satellite instead of local TV or no TV at all. Of course if they don't know by now, they must be hermits with no electricity...

Doris and I batted around a theory of how it may have been hard to get the first initial warning to 'Not Touch' out in time for some folks that either pay no attention to shuttle landings and had no idea or children playing outside, people fishing or hunting who may have been oblivious to the situation...

It is a scary thought to be out, say bird watching in the woods, and then witness metal falling out of the sky, crashing down on the ground —worse yet having no clue as to what the heck just happened...I think I would be permanently FREAKED...

NASA sure does have their work cut out for them. Thank God no one on the ground was killed...it almost seems that the debris was guided by God or something, to avoid additional loss of life....

Just rambling...Kim

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They also just said that some debris is being reported found in Arizonia and New Mexico
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I can remember the Challenger disaster. I was in fourth grade. We were all watching the launch. After we realized it exploded, I asked to be excused from watching any further. I went out into the empty hallway and cried. Yesterday, my landlord came over to fix my toliet. I turned on the news. He didn't know anything was going on. We just stood there and watched the news. We couldn't even say anything to each other because we were both in shock. I have people in my family that have worked for NASA and have even been on flights. This is such a tradgedy, especially for the families.
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It's so surreal. It still hasn't sunk in for me yet. I just can't believe how quickly the rug can be yanked out from under you.
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