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kitten begging

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We have a 7 week old kitten that is obsessed with food, mostly our food. We got him and his brother at 5 weeks (early I know, but the mom's family were moving out of state). He started out fine, but the past 4-5 days, everytime we eat, or it looks like we might be doing something with food in the kitchen, he is right there chirping (he sounds like a bird, not a cat) desperately
climbing up us to get to the food. He will not be put off. We continually put him back down, and he is finding new ways and powers to get himself back up to us, even trying to search our mouths to get to the food! It started out cute, but of course now is just driving us insane. He has dry food and fresh water available to him at all times. I give him some canned food in the morning, which he can't eat fast enough. If you try to take it away, he growls and pushes you away. It's crazy! He's just adorable, and except for roundworms, which he and his brother have been treated for, he's a very healthy guy. He didn't have any problems coming to us so early, he was only nursing about once a day when he left his mom, and eating the mom's dry, using the litterbox well, etc. He adjusted great. I just can't figure out what to do with him. I know how to dog train, but we've never had to deal with training any of our cats!
Anyone else deal with this or have ideas?
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You could try putting him in the bathroom with a dish of his wet food whenever you and your family sit down to eat. A kitten that young should have wet food at least 3 or 4 times a day with dry to snack on at other times. His chirping is his way of telling you he's hungry,too.
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I agree. One meal a day for a growing kitten is not enough.
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Yup, Feed him more. When you eat you could put a place for him next to the table so he dont feel left out and give him wet food when you eat. What I was always told is everytime I eat, They need to eat, Since kittens teeth arent very hard yet you have to give them soft food too.
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Yeah, it's better if you split up his big meal into little ones. While they're small, it's better if they eat little bits throughout the day--this little guy is probably stuffing himself when you feed him, then getting hugry later on. A growth spurt could mean he actually needs more food than he used to get; that could be the reason for his trying harder. (Kind of like a 14 year old teenage boy snarfing up everything in the house.)

Kitten mischief... well, there's no preventing it; just be kind, firm, consistent. Stash him in another room while you eat if you have to--but beware, begging is a hard behavior to get rid of! Even one "success" encourages him to try harder.

Some people try a water bottle at the table and get the kitten with it whenever he tries to jump up. You may give this a try if you are desperate. Ideally, he should get the idea by the time he matures a little.

Be patient--kittens do grow up (thank goodness!).
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Our kitten does this. When she was small we thought it was adorable and laughed and pet her whenever she would jump up and try to steal our food. This unfortunately reinforced the behavior.

Now that she is getting bigger, she claws at us or tries to climb up us when we have food. Not so cute anymore.

What you need is patience for this one. Every time she tries to get up on the table or climb up on us, we pick her up and place her back on the ground with a firm NO.

The first few weeks of this she was very, very insistent. Currently she will try a few times and then she gives up. She will still sit there staring up at us as if to give us a guilt trip. She is realizing though that she is not going to get any food from us. Occasionally we will give her a treat after we are done eating and everything is put away and she hadn't tried to get back on us after her first couple initial tries.

One thing we don't do is put her in the other room. We want her to see that we are eating and that she is not welcome on the table or climbing on us while we are doing so.

They get the point eventually, but this training has been going on for almost a month and will most likely take a few more weeks before she completely stops.
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7 weeks old, I fed my kitten 4 times a day with wet and left dry out all day.

You have to give them enough nutrients, as they grow the most rapidly at the youngest ages.
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