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as always gorgeous!! I love how they're such a happy little family.

Jack there has really found himself the set up! TV, baths, soft girls to nap on...looks like he's on
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I cant believe how well they have taken to Jack, mind he is gorgeous, and when he is not smooching he is watching tv, what a busy boy. Great photos.
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OMG - Jack is HUGE! And he's still growing!!!???

THEY ARE SOOOOOO ADORABLE! They have SUCH personalities, and it so comes out in your pics!

Scritches to them all!

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awww Susan they are just precious! Maybe my next foster kitty (Akasha may have a home in 2 weeks!) will be one that snuggles with Riley instead of fighting
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I know I always say this, but I just LOVE your kitties!!! They are sooo cute!! They all look like they have such personalities... Thanks for sharing those pictures!!
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Aww...great new pictures! I envy how your babies love each other so much! You wouldn't catch mine cuddling like that!

They sure do love their Christmas bed, don't they?
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Awr you really have three of the cutest kitties on TCS! They really are adorable
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Great pics, Susan! Love the way Rosie and Jack are together.
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They are just adorable! Too cute!

Beauty saw Jack's picture, went WOW! then went off to walk round the house.
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