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A Thought I had Last Night

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Christmas Music is beginning to play on the radio around here already, and last night, DH had some playing. The song "Christmas Shoes" came on, and of course had me bawling my eyes out by the time the first verse was over

Anyway, it got me to really thinking about the true meaning of the holiday spirit, about spending time with friends and family, and the closeness and bonds that we share.

And I really started crying when I realized that this holiday season, two little kitties got the absolute best gift of all -- a warm place to sleep and food in their bellies. Another one got a bed outside on the porch, since that's the closest she'll come and only when we aren't there. She, too, gets food every night.

It really made me appreciate what we have, and the importance of doing for others, whether they are human others or our animal companions.

I just thought I'd share.
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I like that song (makes me sad- but very appreciative too!) I agree- we take a lot of day to day things like food, water, clothing,and shelter forgranted when others do without. The holidays (as well as every other day) are perfect for remembering those who are not as fortunate!
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What always gets me teary eyed is "It's A Wonderful Life" - that movie makes you stop and appreciate what you have, and I watch it every year on Christmas Eve. It's kind of a tradition..

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The Christmas song that really gets to me is Silent Night. That was my mother's favorite. Since my mom passed away, everytime I hear that song, I feel sad for some reason.
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