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Is it okay to trim front claws?

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I have the 2 deaf cats and thankfully they are not declawed, but their claws are sooo long and sharp, is it okay to trim the tips of the front claws? I regularly trim their back claws but I wasnt sure if its okay to do their front claws?
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It's more than fine to do the front claws. Actually most people trim the front and skip the back. It helps to keep them from getting stuck on linnen or carpet.
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Yup, most the time when people refer to "trimming their cats claws" they are actually talking about the front ones and not the back ones.

I have to do both, my 3 cats are very frisky and rumbunctious. There's been many times when they come streaking down the hallway to fly into our laps and they miss a little and they dig their front and back claws into our legs to hold on to not fall off! *sigh*
Asim has ripped a whole in one of my brand new pair of jeans from doing this.
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do it while they're sleeping!! It's a whole lot easier!
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I have never trimmed Whisker's claws. Is this something that must be done??? I am way too nervous to do that but just curious to hear if it's necessary or can I just leave them alone?
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Whiskers mom:

Well... No it's not always necessary. A lot of people do it, because they don't want their cat accidently scratching them or other pets, or ruining furnature!

I trim my cats claws because they are SOOOO rambunctious and aren't always as gentle with their claws when they are rip roaring and flying through the air, lol.
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Thanks Angel...I know it may have sounded like a weird question but.....I've never given that much thought. I guess she's just never given me much heartache over damage and/or scratching.

Our basement walls are made of old barnboards. Whiskers has a blast on those walls and seems love her "scratching" walls. She does not damage furnitue at all.....lucky me!
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I trim my cats front claws on a regular basis. I hardly ever do the back. They dont get as sharp.
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I also trim my kitties' claws, front only. The back ones never seem to need trimming.

I find that if I let them see the trimmer and sniff it, they squirm less and let me finish the job with less complaining.
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