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Schizophrenic Cat?

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Hi, I'm new to this site but I thought I might get some help from someone. Our cat, Maizey, is almost 2 yrs. old. She is a spayed cat. She is indoor/outdoor. She has always been an odd cat but great. Two days ago she was acting strange, laying down and then suddenly looking up like she heard something and darting into another room, only to repeat the same behavior. She darted out the other night and we did not see her for a whole day. The next morning she jumped out of my closet, I have no idea how long she'd been there. Then she ate a little and darted out again. We did not see her for a whole day again. The next morning she ran in the house, looked around, and darted out! Again tonight the same thing happened? We are afraid that she is loosing it! Any suggestions?
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I would all so like to say welcome . I am new here too! I have been here for a week or two, and i have been reading alot of what the others have to say, There is a lot of nice people here.
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It could be a few things. The first thing I would try and do is keep her inside so you can keep an eye on her and she doesn't get hurt. The two things that come to mind at the moment are either something happened and she's not feeling well, or something happened and she's been "taumatized". If you keep her in and watch her, you can look to see if she may not be feeling well, or hurt. It may also give her a chance to get over whatever happened if thats the case.
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Certain poisons can cause the cat to act that way. Is it possible that the cat got into bug spray or rat poison? If your cat is an outdoor cat it is possible that Maizey got into someone's shed and stepped into poison people put in their gardens or that someone had the foundation of their house sprayed for termites or other bugs and she walked in it before it dried. Because this is a change in her behavior I would strongly encourage you to take your cat to the vet and carefully explain her odd behavior so the vet can check for toxicity.
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Thank you, Maizey is spayed. We have always had indoor/outdoor cats. We have a cat door and Maizey busts through it. We may have to block it. She came in this morning about 3am, let me pet her, purred and then looked around and darted out. Oh well, we'll keep trying. Thanks again.
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