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Kittin Play

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Hi all I just looked up Tail Chaseing and am relived to see it is normal but how often should they do it Sabi chases his alot 2 3 sometimes 4 times a day and thats just the times I see him at it he has plenty of toys lots of play time JJ never did this so I'm at a bit of a loss
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I think they can do it as often as they want to.
In my home tail chasing always starts rough play. If one kitty starts chasing her tail, the rest will pounce on her. Quite entertaining to watch.
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Tail chasing is quiet normal for some cats but not all. If your cat chases its tail two or three times an hour it's still nothing to worry about. I have had cats that would chase their tail so much you would swear there had to be something wrong with them but they always got a clean bill of health at the vet so it was normal. Apparently, they were bored and had nothing better to do. Don't worry. It's very normal.
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my kitten chases his tail, and actually catches it and bites it, lol. i've never seen a cat do this either and we have had a lot of cats
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Thanks to you all I feel mutch better I was getting quite worried about him turn's out he's just a fruit loop lol just the way I like him Basi catches his tail and bites it to it's so funny to watch
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