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Kitten who likes to play in water dish

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Ok, so I adopted Pippin in August and he has definitely lived up to his name. Currently I am struggling with his love of water and his desire to play in any water dish I put out for him and Bingley. I have 2 water dishes set out for them (one in the kitchen with their food and one in the master bathroom). He likes to splash around in the water and make a huge mess. Besides the mess he makes, his playing in it makes whatever water is left undrinkable for Bingley.

I would love any advice on how to put water out for them to drink, while keeping Pippin from using it as his personal paddling pool.

Thanks! This place is great and has been a huge help!
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not much advice here, but my kitten also plays in his water dish. i swear he feels he needs to tip half of it out before he will drink. he will also drag it across the floor to a "better" location, which also spills it all over. i had to relocate the one dish because he was ruining the floor. some cats are just water cats, and there is no changing them. my kitten also plays with the water in the sink and jumps in the wet tub as soon as we get out.
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Here's what I did - I went to Home Depot's garden section and bought a very heavy rectaingular planter. I set it down and inside the planter i place a oblong tupperware (you can even get the cheap kind at the supermarket) and this can easily stop the behavior or at least contain any messes

My cats like to tap/smack the edges of the heavy planter so for me there's no clean up

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My foster is declawed, and will soak his paws in the water. I hope it is not because they hurt.
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My cat used to play with the water bowl, especially when he was mad at us, or his dog brother. I switched to a auto waterer that is more difficult to tip over.

He's always liked to play in water, including the toilet bowl. He's a strange kitty.
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Blossom also likes to play with water. She tips over the water bowl I keep in the shower for the dogs. No worry about mess there except occassional muddy paws over the floor. She hops up onto the kitchen bench when I'm filling the sink & also the washing machine when its filling & paw at the water. The idea about the heavy flower pot is good. You can also get heavy pottery dog water bowls that are too heavy to tip over.
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