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Here's To You Anne

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A Big Thanks To Anne

I found a place to go, to share my thoughts, my views.
When I have a question about Nomar, everyones wisdom sees me through.

I enjoy reading, what other cat lovers have to say, we all have our stories to tell, in our own way.

So Annie, let me tell you, my heart is filled with delight !!!
thank you so much, for creating The Cat Site.
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that was wonderful!! :flash:
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Thank you!

I do believe this is the first poem ever written about me
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I wanted my 300th post to be something special and I found the perfect place to put it: (since it is in keeping with this thread to you, Anne. . . . )

Ode to The Cat Site

I came on looking for a lost roommte;

Now, I have a mound of "new friends" on my plate.

(Thanks to everyone)
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Anne, you are quite welcome !!
I have been writing poems for many of my young years, immm...still in my 30's...ha,ha.
Usually I can express myself better through writing in a poem...
Matter of fact a poem I wrote 19 yrs ago is soon to be published in a book. I am thrilled about that !!
Again, thank you for this site.
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Three Cheers For Anne!!! Thank You For This Wonderful Site & Forums!!

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Blue; What is supposed to be in these white squares? They don't come thru on my webtv as anything but a webwork of white squares.

Wait now I see them. Beautiful!!!
Just disregard the top of this post. I could edit it but then you wouldn't know how slow I am
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Another poem for me and an ode at that! I feel like that nightingale

They're all going to be in my autobiography you know... I'll have a special appendix for poems written to me
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You do a great job, running this web site! Thank you for providing a vehicle whereby I've met many good people.

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Thank you Joe for helping make this site into what it is! And for your generous contribution - I'm really touched!

Oh and thanks for keeping my father-in-law happy !
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