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Healthy, live cat with 2 faces, amazing and rare!

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Video of a live cat with 2 faces, i've never seen this before.
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Oh, I've seen that kitty before. It's a miracle that cat's alive. I hope she has a long and happy life.
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Poor kitty.
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that is pretty odd
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Whoa - Crazy! Maybe two fetuses fused in the womb??
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That is unusual, I wonder if it has 18 lives?
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Wow! That's crazy! I've heard about this happening before but the cat typically died a few days after birth. I've never seen this condition in a full-grown cat. I guess it's akin to a one of those symbiotic twins.
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Wow it's like a siamese-twin kitty!!! I guess one egg was fertilised by two sperm but it didn't seperate properly.

I wonder if all her internals are okay? I'm so glad she is healthy, and she obviously has someone who loves her. Bless it!!!
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Have to admit it freaked me out at first, but she looks happy and healthy! I wonder, does she have 18 lives?!
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Awr, double the cuteness! But poor little kitty!
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Wow..that is amazing..I wondered the same as others here about the egg not splitting ectera...everything else must be heathly inside for her to be full grown!
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Ummm, I think its a little creepy..I can't lie

Amazing that the kit is alive and well though
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I think it's great that she said it's a certified therapy cat. I'm guessing that the only vestage of the other cat is the face...the other face doesn't even have a lower jaw and tongue.

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I can't look...I hate when I do though, cause the image sticks in my I am not lookin....hehe!
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Well to be honest before to see I had this image of that!

But AFTER to see it ,..looks like this!...

Never heard before!,... and looks so happy!
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Its seems healthy and is a certified therapy cat, which is good I think?
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well my initail reaction is "poor thing" but really why should I say that, it looks like the cat is loved and cared for.
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Creepy, but beautiful.....but creepy....I can't look...I can't stop looking. Help!
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Bless that kitty. I hadn't seen that before. Pretty amazing.
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Alot of you are saying poor thing. How can you say that, it was born that way, nobody made it happen. Yes it is odd looking, but stuff happens sometimes. Us Humans are prone to many deformities too (albinism,extra limbs,dwarfism,gigantism,and even those people who have hair over their entire body) Our species is no stranger than that cat and human babies have been born in this world with 2 faces they either die early or you dont hear about them, but it has happened.

I think it's amazing it has 2 faces on one head, usually you find 2 headed animals more often.

Still, it's being taken care of well, afterall it's an adult and looks healthy.
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I agree; there's no reason to pity it, just like there's no reason to pity disabled humans. Actually less reason; because cats don't care if another cat is different, and it probably doesn't have to deal with all the prejudice. (Seriously. I'm autistic and I hate it when people pity me. I'm just me--human like anybody else.)

Originally Posted by Iluvdevons View Post
Whoa - Crazy! Maybe two fetuses fused in the womb??
It happens when an embryo splits to form twins. Either it splits incompletely, or else it splits and then fuses back together sometime later.

It's just like "Siamese twins" in humans. Many human conjoined twins survive; but it's harder for cats because you'd need some serious vet care and people won't pay for it if they figure the cat will probably have a miserable, short life anyhow. There's obviously much more effort made for humans.

(Edit) These girls are famous-- Abigail and Brittany, conjoined twins
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I just wachted the video, it's touching. I wonder how the owner of the kitty is feeling. Poor darling kitty.
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