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Male lovebug in Central, MA needs new home...

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I found a lost or abandoned cat on November 8th that needs a new foster or, better yet, permanent home. He's been vet-checked and is about a year old, neutered, rabies vaccinated and FELV/FIV negative. He weighs about 8 pounds and is a total love-bug.

My home is wicked crowded (my daughter moved in with me and we now have five cats, a dog, two adults and a 7-month old baby in a four-room apartment) and I absolutely can't keep him. He's skittish around my own cats and has caused some scary fights, so now he's quartered in our only bathroom. Although I believe he'd settle down in time, I truly don't have the space to accommodate him until then. The situation is far from optimal, but it's certainly better than being outside, cold, hungry and scared.

I live in Central Massachusetts, close to Worcester. If any of you can help, please PM me!

Here's a pic of the poor fellow...
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Oh my goodness Id have LOVED to have taken him! He's gorgeous, and I live in MA. I asked my hubby this morning though and he said NO way He has a point, we really cant afford another cat. But its such a shame, he sounds perfect for us. I really hope you find him a nice home, and thankyou for making the effort for him. Im going to ask my family/friends and see if any of them would like another kitty xx
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Thanks, Jennywhite686! He's such a total sweetheart, hops right up into your lap with no hesitation at all, and he totally deserves to have a good home where he's well-loved.

I just can't understand people who ditch cats, especially when they're as loving as this one. I have another rescue boy that is the same, he'll actually put his feet on my chest and headbutt me 'till I pick him up, purring like crazy the whole time, then he'll put his paws around my neck and kiss me. He was dumped at an animal control shelter 'cause his last owners simply "didn't want him anymore".

Thanks again for any help you can provide this guy!

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not sure how I'd get him here. AngelBoots Good Luck at finding him Home.
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Well that is the cutest little boy! Someone has got to take a kitty as handsome as that one!
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Good news!!!!! One of the vets to whom I sent the cat's info has identified the owner!!!! She just called me, all choked up with tears, and she'll be picking the cat up tonight!!! Yay!!!!!!

Thanks, everyone, for your prayers and concern! God bless and Happy Thanksgiving! : )

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I dont believe it!! Thats wonderful, for you and for his old owner. I lost my cat last thursday for 24 hours and I was out of my mind, I can only imagine how sad his old owner was to have lost him. Luckily he's been warm in your house rather than freezing outside!! I was just in the process of emailling my cousin to see if she'd take him, came on the site to find a photolink of the kitty... and read your post! So happy for you
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I just returned Christopher to his loving owners. Oh-my-gosh, the happy tears! I can't remember the last time I got hugged so much! *grin*

Turns out the cat has been allowed to roam in and out at will AND he has a penchant for climbing large vehicles and jumping to the roof of the closest building, which totally explains the predicament I found him in. Landscapers were working on the grounds of the apartment building he was trapped on the day before I noticed him. Silly kitty!

Don't ya'll just love happy endings!?!

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