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Hello fellow cat lovers!

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[color=royalblue]Hello to all of you, allow me to introduce my colony: All my kitties are indoor cats, however we built a large enclosure to keep them safe outdoors (we live on a highway) the enclosure is 25X40 feet, and the kitties all love it!

Our first kittie is Mittens. We obtained Mittens from the shelter for my youngest daughters' 8th birthday. He is 12 now, and very healthy. He is the "pappy" cat.

Wicket is the second to arrive, and we found her abandoned out in the woods near our home, sick, thin and soaking wet. She was so tiny, but so lovable. Her beautiful calico long hair was dirty and matted, but she had the biggest purr! When I took her to the vets, he said her ears were terribly infected, and since she came to us, she has never had much balance or very good vision. She is a little temperamental, but if you respect what clues she gives you she is happy.

Spookie is a long haired tortie that followed Mittens in the door one day when I took him out for a walk. She stayed. She is a little mommy cat...very maternal, though spayed, so she never had kittens. We have all been bathed by Spookie. She is black and orange for the most part, and decided to adopt us on the day before Halloween.

The babies are next, there are 4 of them. One day I was driving home from work, and there was a poor little kitty in the middle of the road, who had been hit by a vehicle. It lifted it's head up, and I could not pass by. I got out of my van, scooped the poor little animal up in my coat and rushed to the vets. She was very badly injured, but purred in my arms as I drove. She had severe head and chest injuries, burns and grease all over her. The Vet said that she must have been hit very recently, and he didn't know if she would make it. By 8 pm he had stabilized her, and thought she might be ok. She stayed at the hospital for 3 days, we visited her everyday. We decided to name her Sky. We took her home and babied her...she got stronger everyday. Then one day, I noticed her lymph nodes were enlarged, about 2 weeks from the time of the accident, so I took her back to the Vet, and found out that she was pregnant. She had breathing difficulties all the time, tired very easily, but had the sweetest little personality. Our babies were born on May 21. One of the happiest days of my life. We could not bear to part with any of them, and when Sky was 12 weeks postpartum, we took her to be spayed. She didn't make it. The Vet said it was probably because of the damage from the accident, that we could never have known that she wouldn't make it. The kittens were depressed for a long while after Sky died. We loved her so much, and she gave us the most wonderful gifts:

Smudie-a sweet tempered little guy, who just loves to be held like a baby and have a tummy rub.
Jazz-mister cuddles! He is very demonstrative, and loves to give nose bites
Dude-He talks a lot, and has the sweetest little face
Fuzzy Bear-Our little princess. She loves jewelry, cuddling with me, she calls me "Meow-muh" She only says that to me or when she is looking for me. So sweet.
All the babies are gray and white DSH

Next, we got Othello. He was one of the kids cats but when my son moved out, my other son missed him too much, so he came back. He is a huge cat, black and white and 18 pounds of muscle! He is the "Daddy" cat, very very concerned little parent of everyone, even the dog.

Merlin is a tabby-striped cat. He was the Fair-Ground kitty. Someone had abandoned him at the fairground near our home, and when we finally caught him, we brought him home with us. He is still a little wild, but since his neutering he has settled down and will let us cuddle him and pet him.

The most recent additions are Zoe and Nizmo. Zoe looks like a mini Merlin. And Niz is white with black spots and long haired. They were both being kept by a 25 year old who didn't take care of them and they were so sick that when I took them to the Vet he told me they were almost to the point where he felt it would be cruel to keep them alive. They were skeletal, and green mucous ran from their poor little eyes and noses. They sneezed almost non-stop. We babied them back to health, and now they run and play and are the clowns in the house. Nizmo is Othello's sidekick. Othello is parenting him almost exclusively right now. Zoe is my techno kitty, she likes to sit on my computer monitor and chase the pointer on the screen. Her favorite perch is on anyone's shoulder.

So, that's my crew of wonderful diverse kitties. I'm so happy to have found a cat forum! They are the most wonderful little angels God gave us.
Attached is a little picture of Niz and Othello
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Welcome to the Site! Wow...I bet you've got your handsful with all of those furbabies!! I've got 3 and sometimes it can get a bit wild! BTW...I love the pic of Niz and Othello! They look so sweet all snuggled up together!
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Welcome to the site! Wow, what a house full of love you have! I was almost in tears reading Sky's story, what an angel you are to have given her a chance at life. I'm sure the time she spent with you was a wonderful part of her life, and she gave you four little miracles as thanks for your caring.

You have some wonderful rescue stories with many of your kitties. Two of our member have teamed up on a website dedicated to sharing rescue stories and resources at www.savesamoa.org and I know they would love to have you submit your stories.

That's a real precious picture you posted, too. Thanks for sharing!

I look forward to getting to know you and all of your furkids on the site!
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Welcome and thanks for introducing your wonderful cats! I took in two more spayed persian females yesterday, so I now have five persians.....my house is nowhere near full yet...
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Welcome to The Cat Site! Niz and Othello are so cute sleeping together! I am owned by 10 cats! My signature shows you all of my cats!
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Welcome to the site. Wow! What a family!
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Thank you all for the welcome messages...I love my little furbabies so much. They make my heart smile. Zoe finally decided that I was okay to cuddle with last nite, and she snuggled with me and my hubby in bed for quite a while. Jazzer always sleeps between me and Ken and he purrs and purrs all nite long...he lulls me to sleep with his contented sounds. Mudgie is on a crusade today, he knows there is a can of whipped cream in the refrigerator, and his is sitting discussing it with the door trying to get us to open it up! FuzzyBear is a snuggle baby as usual today, and has been presenting her little head for frequent kisses. Othello is just kinda hanging out on the deck looking at the birds flocking to the feeder just outside the lattice. I cannot tell you how nice it is to have a little furry person to have and hold, and just touch as you go by. The puppy is behaving pretty well today, she tried to play with Zoe for a while, but Zoe was not in the mood, so no playing occurred. The weather here is snowy, with more snow predicted today. The kitties love snow. I don't know what Zoe and Niz will think of the snow, since they aren't quite big enough to be able to go out on the deck, they could squeeze through the lattice...I will attach another pic for you all...I love to show off my babes!
Here's a little collage of Nizmo
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What a wonderful story about your furbabies. THank you for taking them all in, bless you.

Welcome to TCS! This is a wonderful site, and I am addicted.

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What a large kitty family you have!!! Welcome to the site!

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Welcome and thank you for posting your kitties' stories! They are all very lucky to have found you.

I also am owned by a houseful of cats. It is a wonderful thing, isn't it?
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