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Suggestions for wintering outdoor kitty

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I've been reading through some old threads and I'd like some feedback please.

My in-laws recently adopted an 'outdoor only' cat. She's young at this point, but I'm not sure how old. At the moment they are on vacation and have her sleeping in their garage, which is under the house. My MIL mentioned wanting to make a 'cozy corner' for her in the carport, which is above the garage.

Sooo....I'm planning on making some suggestions for her little corner. First I want to suggest one of the self-warming pads that Natalie has a thread going on. But what is best to put it in? A double rubber-maid or cardboard? And is just that bed inside the 'box' enough? And then how do you keep her food and water from freezing?

I think it would be better if they'd put a cat flap into the garage and put her things in there. But I don't know their plans. I'm just going to make some suggestions in a nice way. They don't live in the coldest area, but it's below freezing for most of the winter at night. I don't really agree with having her outdoor only, but that's what they've decided and they already re-homed a cat a few years ago because she couldn't be put outside.

So any suggestions or comments?
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Well, in our desert home there were stables and we insulated them, carpeted them with indoor-outdoor carpeting, built ramps and sleeping cubicles which we put berber cat donut beds in, and we had electricity laid on up there, so we had an oil shop heater going during the very coldest nights, which kept the temperature quite nice in there. In lieu of that, a "dogloo" dog house would provide some measure of insulation from the cold, and they could put warm, washable bedding in there. There are dishes that plug in (electric) to keep water from freezing; and during the coldest times, she could be fed wet food during the day and then dry food, which wouldn't freeze, for overnight when the temperatures are coldest. I would of course agree with you, and advocate for indoors-only for all cats (or at least a cat-fenced environment with insulated shelter); but thank you for helping her to have the best possible situation considering the less-than-perfect circumstances.
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Once I find some mylar blankets....I'm going to put the self warming pet bed in a box...elevate the box a little off the floor...and cover it with a mylar blanket. I suggest various "cozy spots" of various levels of warmth so kitty doesn't get too warm/too cold.

I bought a bowl that won't freeze for water....very important that water not freeze.
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I saw a heated mat in petsmart yesterday, that is for outdoors. I just thought of it when I saw this thread so I don't have anymore detailed information. But I saw it!
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