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Static Hair

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Do any of you suffer with static hair in the winter?? It drives me crazy!!!! Does anyone have any tips to help with it? I've tried spraying hair spray on a hair brush and then brushing my hair. Guess what? IT DOESN'T WORK!!!!
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Downy dryer sheets - or any other brand works too

Not kidding- just run one through your hair after you've dried it, and it'll help tons! I know it sounds weird, but it works!
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
Downy static sheets - or any other brand works too

Not kidding- just run one through your hair after you've dried it, and it'll help tons! I know it sounds weird, but it works!
It does work, both of girls have long hair. I have tried every product I can find, the only thing I have found is dry sheets
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My cousin just told me about this too:
Fill an empty and clean plastic spray bottle half-way with water. Fill the other half with liquid fabric softener such as Downy, shake it well & spray. The static will go away & you have made an effective leave in conditioner. Your hair will feel really soft and it will be easy to comb and manage without the static.

I've never tried it before, but I suppose it would work!
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This is the BEST stuff i've ever used on my hair. period. I LOVE it!!! It looks a little pricy- but one treatment lasts for weeks and weeks (and you can get several out of one jar!)

here's the link: http://usa.lush.com/cgi-bin/lushdb/0...xpand=Haircare you can order online or see if there's a store near you!

Best of all- it makes your hair smell deliscious!!! I have thick, long wavy hair that's never been colored. It frizzes pretty badly depending on the weather. I am careful about what i use on my hair because I donate my hair to Locks of Love as often as i can- so i don't want to use just anything on it. I've tried sooo many different products, and this one is the most amazing one i've ever used!!! I also have to be careful what i use because i do have psorsis on my scalp (however, since i've started using the safer Lush products - the psorasis is gone for the most part) I've found that the Jasmin & Henna Fluff Eaze is amazing on my hair. One treatment- and the effects last for weeks- it leaves me with the most gorgeous,soft, frizz free hair! You should try it! Also- because you're not having to it everyday like many frizz treatments you apply daily, you save on waste and throwing bottles away- one tub lasts ages, and you also are using a safe product not tested on animals.
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Dryer sheets, or a little coconut oil (just a drop or two!).

Also, combing with wood or horn combs helps instead of plastic or brushing.
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Hairspray is likely part of your problem. It dries the hair out and dry hair is what picks up static. I never liked using hair spray partially because my hair was 10times less manageable and stuck out alot worse whenever I tried to spray it down. Blow drying is probably the 2nd worst thing for overdrying hair after hairspray.

Aside from trying to avoid those 2 things I found using a milder shampoo prevents some of the drying by not stripping out all the natural oils. Any animal shampoo qualifies as milder which is why mane and tail for horses is often sold in the human shampoo aisle. Then put more moisture back in by using more expensive conditioners instead of the cheapest stuff from the grocery store along with leaving the conditioner in longer before rinsing makes a huge difference for little effort and money. Occasionally my hair has an extra high wave to it and stands up off my head a few more inches but it doesn't stick out random directions anymore. There are also moisturizers meant to be used about weekly and left in for several minutes before rinsing that can help. Then there are leave in conditioners but while some can improve the situation others will make things worse over time. Avoid anything with silicone. It coats the hair in plastic keeping it from absorbing moisture and while it may seem great at first after a few days you'll be worse than when you started.
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