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Intro of new kitty to family

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I just took in another stray, a beautiful calico named Mimi Took her to my vet yesterday, had her tested and vaccinated.

I am looking for advice and suggestions on how to transition her into our family which includes a pair of felines, Carmen and Voodoo, a mother and son. Carmen, a former stray, is 5 yrs. and Voodoo is 4 yrs.

Mimi has been isolated in the laundry room. Carmen and Voo have been sniffing by the door - Carmen more so than Voo. I let Mimi out into the rest of the house today while the other two were out on the porch. They've all caught glimpses of each other and some hissing and growling has obviously ensued. One other detail, Mimi was apparently declawed before being dropped off in our woods and Carmie and Voo have their's intact.

Mimi is going to have the run of the house while we are away for a few days as we are taking Carmen and Voodoo with us, and my pet- sitter will take care of Mimi here at home.

All and any tips, tricks, ideas, etc. welcomed so I can start the introduction process next week. Thanks!
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The one trick most recommended is to dab some vanilla extract (the real stuff) under the chins and near the base of the tails of all of the cats. This helps everyone smell alike.

There is also an article on the site for introducing cats that has other tips.
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A declawed cat might have a chip on her shoulder. They feel vulnerable regarding other cats. I'd be alert to back her up and defuse situations before they escalate.

Don't hesitate to keep them apart until things calm down. We have to wait until their curiosity overcomes their more negative emotions.
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