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Very Sad Day In Cincinnati

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Friday has been a rough day for the Cincinnati and the surrounding communities. Legendary broadcaster and local icon, Joe Nuxhall, has passed away at the age of 79. He was most recently hospitalized for pneumonia and has been battling cancer for the last few years. He was scheduled to receive a pacemaker today.

In 1944 the Ol' Lefthander made baseball history by becoming the youngest player to ever play in a major league game. Later he became a broadcaster for the Cincinnati Reds after retiring from baseball in 1967. He partnered with Al Michaels for a few years and then with Hall of Fame broadcaster Marty Brennaman until Nuxie retired from full time broadcasting in 2004. He and Marty are as close to being brothers as two unrelated people could ever be. After his retirement he still helped to call a handful of games.

I'm 36. Marty and Joe were the Reds announcers that I and a great many others grew up listening to. Until recently they were the only Reds announcers that I knew. We let them into our homes listening to the games during dinner, when doing yard work or when in the car. Everyone in Cincinnati feels like they lost a member of their own family today.

He was a wonderful person with a heart gold. He would go out of his way to talk to the fans and spend time with them. He always had a joke to tell, had some amazing stories and always had something to say to bring out a smile. We know that he's in a better place today where he's healthy but the world is a lesser place today for his passing.

He had a trademark sign off that he used every night at the end of a baseball broadcast. "This is the Ol' Lefthander, rounding third and heading for home." Rest In Peace, Nuxie. You will truly be missed.

If you would like to read more about Joe Nuxhall then click on the link below.
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.......I´m so sorry for that person....
R.I.P....to him and prayers for your family...
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What a lovely tribute you wrote for him... thank you for sharing his story with us. They don't seem to make sportscasters like that anymore, do they?
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How sad. It's always a tragedy to loose a legend.
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I live near Cincinnati--about 10 minutes from Nuxhall's home. I have seen him at United Dairy Farmers and went to school with his grandson--he has also visited my sister's (she teaches) fourth grade class. Very sweet man who will be missed greatly--he did a lot for Cincinnati and the town he lived in.

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