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Happy Belated Anniversary Ken & Sandie!

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Ten Years married! Way to go guys!!!!!!
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Happy Anniversary!!!!!!
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Happy Anniversary! Hope you can share many more years of happiness and joy!
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Congratulations on 10 loving years together!

Here's a little something for the celebration...
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Thank you guys very much!!
MaryAnne knew because I had to share my giggle with her. Last night Ken and I were sitting on the couch watching TV when a program with past winners from funniest videos was on. Ken realized that one of them was like 11 years ago, so he asked me "How long have we been together". I about fell over when I realized we missed our anniversary again. It was the 30th and we both forgot.
I guess when you love someone that much, the year marks don't mean as much as being together every day
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Well I may have forgotten your Anniversary, but I ALWAYS remember your birthday!!!

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You are working that man too hard, Sandie. Shame on you!
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happy happy joy joy!!

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BTW Sandie, I love your personalized license plate! You have been so missed around here. Welcome back!
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Thank you Guys!!!!

But I MUST side with Deb25 on this one.....

Im gonna have to go get a job to get some rest, this retirement is killing me... Soooo many honeys do's....

Just an example.....

276 square feet of tile laid in the new cattery....

*sigh* Oh well, anything for my baby...
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Thank you guys very much It's a great feeling to still be in love and happy after this long!!

Thank you MA, It's really good to be back and getting back into the swing of things
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Sandie sent me pictures of the new cattery today. Two words..GREAT JOB!
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Thanks MA!!!!

I had fun... and sandie did help alot!
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I didn't get picture of the new cattery!
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Deb...I was afraid if I sent you the pictures, you may have flashbacks of the x mas pics
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Okay spill! What was the deal with the x-mas pics? :laughing:

I want to see the cattery too!
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LOL...X mas time, I sent Deb some xmas pics of the cats just incase they needed more for the Caption thread. I went a little

I will post 2 pics...the beginning of the cattery and what it looks like now. We aren't done yet..but getting close
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Nice work, guys! Your kitties are so spoiled
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It's been ahwile since I have seen ya on the boards. I'm glad you're still around.
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I'm late on this, but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
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Oh wow! You guys have really done alot of work on it!!!! The cattery looks great!!!!!!!!!!!
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