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Some Good news

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Milo is our large muscled cat that WANTED to go outside. he would walk from window to window howling basically 24/7 keeping us up all night.

At one point we had considered taking him to the pound but they would put him down with behavior problems.

He is a VERY smart cat wit hall his claws but we lived in Madison with streets and so forth.

We put him on Prozac as a last resort and he seemed MUCH more calm but now he just seemed depressed.

As luck would have it we moved to a small town of 4,500 and now live just off a golf course fairway with country on the other side.

There are neighbor issues (afraid of cats and a totally different story) but Milo now spends MOST of the dark hours outside and is a very very happy cat. He is well behaved and loving and is once again a dream cat.

He even brings us a mouse a couple times a week to show his appreciation. Lays it next to the door and we must like it because we pick it up and put it in some special place.

A happy ending . . . so far.
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i hope all continues to be well. my damiam brings home "presents" all the time, but the mice never have heads, ewwww. he doesn't bring home birds as much ever since he started getting dive bombed by the birds when they were nesting and scaring the stripes right off his back!
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Happy ending indeed.
By the way, is Milo fixed?
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