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Air purifier by litter box?

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I visited local humane society's cat shelter last week and notice once thing.
Each kitty room had air purifier running.
Thus there is no cat litter smell even though at least 3 of them were in the room.

Do you use air purifier near cat litter box?
Do you think it's worth it?
I am seriously thinking about picking one up.

Thanks for your input!
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We have a small air purifier in our bedroom. We didn't get it specifically to control the litter box odor but I've found that it does seem to help, at least a little bit.
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I have been exploring this as well. Hamilton Beach makes a small wall plug in one for like $15 that I thought about trying.

However I have found that just running the ceiling fans and lighting candles helps.

If you try it let me know.

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I have a "desktop" air purifier that sits on top of Oliver's box in my room (it's meant to purify one room)... I find it works well to reduce not only odor but the dust... and you can tell it's doing a great job when you go to change/clean the filter...
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I have a small filter by the rat's cage and it helps a bit. I had one in the cat's bathroom, but my roommate stole it for the living room. Cause that's more important.
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I was thinking about buying one but I didn't even consider the odor factor. For me, it was more to help with cat dander (I am allergic )
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I do use them but will caution you on 1 thing. If they use filters, the dust from the litter box can dirty them very quickly and you will be replacing them quite often. Make sure you know the cost of replacement filters, as some of them are quite pricey. If you get the ionic types that don't need filters, some of them will get so clogged with dirt that they stop working. I had to throw out my Sharper Image ionic purifiers after a year cause they quit working. And really cheap purifiers are often quite noisy, which I can't stand.

My favorites: Bionaire - the one I have is very quiet. Hunter - the filters last longer than most and I get replacement filters on e-bay for a reasonable price. Then I have the mercedes of all purifiers which only needs to be vacuumed and the filter washed out every few months - its a FreshAire by Ecoqwest and I won't admit what I paid for it.
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Thanks every one!
It came to my mind because Consumer Report had latest rating out on Air purifier (http://www.komotv.com/news/consumer/11436361.html)

Since Costco was having one on sale, I just ordered one.

I will let you know how it goes!

P.S. Reason for this is mainly for my hubby. He hates smell of cat food and World Best Cat litter.

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