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Hard little belly button after spaying?

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I had one of my kitties spayed a week and a half ago, and the incision was closed like a belly button rather than like a football's stitching. If that makes sense... A week and a half later the stiches are out (they're the kinds that dissolve naturally), and she has what looks like a human outie belly button (size and shape, too). I worked up the nerve to touch it, and it's really hard on the inside, like it's packed solid. Is that normal? I had another cat spayed by the same vet with the same type of stitching, and no outie. Should I be worried? Will it go away naturally? What's in there? Hmmm....
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It sounds like just a scab- they sometimes form over the incision site and fall off later. If you feel heat rising from the site, or see drainage, then you need a vet to look at it.
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I am by far not an expert...but it almost sounds like a hernia. My Echo was born with one and it looked just a a outie belly button. When I had her spayed, they removed it and she hasn't had any problems since. I would definitely give your Vet a call or make an appointment just in case if it is serious. From what I understand about hernias, is that it's a blockage of the intestines....don't quote me on that though. I'm sure an expert like Hissy can give you more help that I can. Good luck and hope nothing serious is wrong with your baby.
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A week and a half is a short period of time. It sounds like either some scar tissue forming,or a scab developing under the skin. When in doubt, have the vet take a look. If there's a problem or something that needs to be corrected they can do it right there and then
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It could possibly be that her incision was stitched too tightly, this can cause it to pucker slightly, which looks funny but shouldn't harm your baby. Also, if they used surgical glue for the outside, this feels sort of hard to the touch.
Hope this helps!
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One of my kitties had the same problem after she was spayed. I was worried about it, thinking it could be a hernia, and took her back to the vet. He examined her and said that it was from the stitches being pulled tight. It took a few days to resolve, but she was soon good as new!
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Sarah was that way too. After it healed fully the part sticking out disapeared.
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Thank you all for your posts! Actually, her "outtie" has become flat, so I feel much relieved. It still feels like there's a hrad little pea under the skin, but she seems perfectly happy and healthy so I've decided not to worry about it! This is a picture of her a few months ago right after I got her...
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Yes, Max healed up just fine. She is a verrry active almost-2-yr-old now, she was 5 months when she was fixed.
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She looks similar to mine, but yours has more white.

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