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Brindle cat ?

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Ok, I know there are brindle-colored does this make Pixie a brindle-colored cat? (not sure I've attached the photo right - apologies if not!)
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She's a tortie, tortie cats are different from brindle coloured dogs.

The tortie colouring happens because the ginger or orange tabby colour is linked to a sex chromosome. So basically when the colour of the cat is being expressed if the X chromosome has the "be a ginger tabby" instruction of it and the cat is male i.e it only has the one X chromosome, he'll be a ginger tabby.

For a female to be a ginger tabby both her X chromosomes need to have the "be a ginger tabby" instructions.

In each cell only one of a paired cromosome is active. I.e in a female cell you've got two X chromosomes but only one of them is active and it's random which one is, so in Pixie in her cells where the X chromosome that has the "be a ginger tabby!" instruction is active you get the orange hairs and else where you get the colour that she'd be otherwise.

So yeah it's a completely random mix and can only happen in female cats (or in rare male cats that have two X chromosomes, they're infertile then and that's a genetic abormality).

I know I went really technical there.. the simple answer is just, she's a tortie
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Thanks for the info - now I know! And I always did wonder why the torties / calicos were always female (except for when they're not) - so go technical on me anytime! Can't wait to see how the kittens turn out! And, I've fallen in love with Nikita. Claws & all.
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What is also interesting is that the more white a cat has, the more distinct the color patches are.
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Just wanted to say that Pixie is absolutely gorgeous!!
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she is cool looking, I too cannot wait to see your kittens!
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I think the lack of "patches" was what was throwing me off. Pixie does have a few white hairs (goes well with my few gray hairs!) - but as you saw in the more "brushed orange" than patches. Never knew that less white = less defined patches. Any calicos / torties I've ever seen (or noticed) were more like Lucy. I can see hanging out here is definitely going to be a learning experience - not to mention fun!
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