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This big boy(17lbs) never sits still for pictures but I got him the other day.

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awww, look how cute he is!!! I love his coloring and markings
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I love how light his eyes are!!
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Originally Posted by snosrap5 View Post
I love how light his eyes are!!
Thank You! They are usually light seagreen. They are very hard to catch with the camera.
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Oh what a handsome regal guy he is
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Awwwww his markings are gorgeous as well. I could bite his nose because it's so sweet!
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OMG! He is sooooo very handsome! He has gorgeous eyes & fur coloring :
Can't wait to see more photos of his cute face
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He is very handsome!
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I love his markings. Years ago my sister had a cat named Barnabas who had the same markings.
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He looks like such a snugglebug there

He's a great model when he wants to be
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What a gorgeous boy, lovely pics of him.
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